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3 months negative test conclusive?

I have received a negative test result( hiv express test) after 3 months of possible exposure.I am not sure if the person was HIV positive or not but he suffered a recent episode of prolonged fever,chills that would not go away after 10 days ,even with taking Tamiflu and eventually had to take antibiotics under the suspicion of having a sinus infection not well treated.He says he had a blood test done and the results were good.He has not done an HIV test but rather a CBC.Would the CBC panel reveal a possible HIV infection by itself? I suspect that the white cells would be low no?I have a difficult time to believe the resultsof my HIV test because I was told by the CDC that 3 months is NOT conclusive at all.According to them 3% develop antibodies after the 3 months and they cannot be categorized in any particular pattern ( such as low immune system or chemo ect as I have read..)He told me that the 3 months is not good and that it is not in their guidance at all and that they tell people to wait 6 months.Also, is it possible that right after infection the virus would stay dormant without starting to replicate for months?Can the acute symptoms occur after 3 months? I have a virus infection that has caused sore throat and ear pain for 1 week and it is still not gone.I also seem to see a grey film on  the back of my tongue.I am so nervous now that I can't sleep, eat or concentrate.THANKS
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CBC would show nothing for HIV.
The CDC person you spoke to is stupid and knows nothing. He/She is reading off of a script. 3 months is conclusive.

HIV does not lie dormant, ARS symptoms can't occur 3 months after.

Your test was conclusive. No need to retest no need to do anything else other then get back to normal life.
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Thanks.But why on earth would such an organization say such things?They are so many conflicting info on the net, 3 months...6 months...1 year..!!! I have read that in Europe and UK they don't even talk about the 6 months.The 3 months is conclusive.I realize that you know a lot about this disease and was wondering if you have ever heard of any cases that seroconverted after 3 months.I read that in the rare cases when it happened the patients had a suppressed immune system.What is your say on that?
Also, is trush something you can get early in the course of the disease or soes it happen rather at later stages?
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3 months is 100% conclusive
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