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3 time exposure and all protected

Dear team,

Straight to my worries...I'm a male & had protected vaginal sex two times with two different prostitutes (one each), with condom.(No break & properly used) This was before 37 days, (my last encounter.)

My worry is

1. Before one of the encounter, we had a good foreplay. At that time she touched my penis, especially tip of urethra opening, that she just gently press her forefinger tip into it. But there is no pain or harm to me, it made. (I'm not circumcised). Then with condom, she gave little oral plays and then had penetrative vaginal sex. Nothing spilled out, and may be there was some mild contact with the vaginal fluid or the lubricant she used, on my penis shaft, but not sure.. There is no cuts or other injuries to my penis anywhere, so far see with naked eyes.

After everything, she gave me a Deep Kiss just on my side over my stomach, and it was soo deep, that it made my skin reddish brown. I checked that after, but didn't saw any injuries or cuts with her teeth, moreover, I didn't felt any pain or irritations when I washed it with water and soap. But this color lasted for a week to change.
This is major worry for me...

Question 1. Is there any chance of HIV to me from the above things? Till day I don't have any symptoms, except one small LUMP just very close behind my ear, may be like a medium sized pimple.

2.The other encounter 1 day before, with another prostitute, was also with condom, but nothing exchanged, I felt more confident in all that acts.

3.One oral sex was also performed with another prostitute, on the just previous day, with condoms,  and that was not a concern at all...

I'm a married & in 30s and these 3 all are my only sex, than with my wife, in my entire sex life, and me & my wife were clean. (Now some worry to me, I'm not sure)

I really want to check for any traits of HIV, so when should I do perform the test??

Kindly guide.....
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You do not need to take a test. You did not have of a risk of contracting HIV.
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Sorry, one more thing, all these prostitutes are highly active and am not sure about their HIV status. But just considering now, that they may be highly affected with HIV...
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Thanks Justnotsure 123 for your comment...
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No problem. As long as you used a condom, which you did and I commend you for that, it doesnt matter if they have it or not.. you do not have it.
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If I test now, is it enough time elapsed to perform the test... pls guide me.... because I want to double confirm my status...... without any errors...
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You never had a risk so you dont need to take a test. If you do test now or later, it's gonna be negative.
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