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4 month Rapid HIV test--NEGATATIVE

Just wanted to let everyone know that my 4 month test came back negative.  The last time I got a test was @ 9 weeks...

I can FINALLY breathe!!!! =)

Thanks to everyone that helped me through this... (Teak, JoeCool, RegJoey, MikeNo, Bluebell, jaguar)

Yeah! I'm so excited. =)

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I won't!  
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LOL!  Yes, that would be great! =)  
How long have you been on this forum?
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;) Congrats !
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I'm from Dallas Texas.. The part where cool people live. =)  I know what you mean about going 100+... It's easy to speed here.. Do you think that would work as an excuse the next time I get pulled over??

Thanks Mike and Peek! =)
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That's good ole' conservative texas for ya.

I do love it here though.. =)
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Congrats...what was your exposure?
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Well, there are pros and cons..

TOMMY-- My exposure was unprotected vaginal sex.  thank you for the congrats. =)
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it been a long time since i havent heard form you. that's a very very good news!!! Woo - Hoo! Congratulations enjoy life now you are HIV Negative and Conclusive. Take care of your Self and be safe always

Lots of Love

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I know.. It is great news...
How are you doing, btw??

You promised me dinner, remember? *wink* LOL!
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*Ahem - Ahem *
This is a HIV support not social networking website :p
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im fine clueless, send me a private message ill give you my email add lets talk about it
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I experienced the same thing as you. The guy that I was involved with gave me Herpes and I did a six week test for HIV which came back negative!!! I am still really scared!!! I really hope he hasn't given me anything else! Please pray!!!
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