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4 weeks negative..symptoms of HIV.

Dear All,

Sorry had posted this one mistakenly in the STD forum. Putting it up here in HIV Support forum. Please bear with the details info.

Im a 24 hetero male. Im confused to the core. However heres my plight. I am a foreigner in Philippines. I had an encounter with 2 females here in Philippines. One was unprotected vaginal and oral. The vaginal was for around a minute, before i realized and pulled it out.

After few days I started experiencing painful urination, weakness and a yellowish penile discharge. I rushed to the urologist, he just saw the yellow discharge and said I was having either Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia, he didnt diagnose but str8way prescibed 1 single shot double dose of Azithromycin and 7 day cource of 14 Vibramycin(Doxycycline). After one day the painful urination went away and so did the discharge. But i started having stool problems,muscus in the stool. The stool started appearing green and then proceed to black in a week. There were no frequent urges but just the loose and wierd stool. I continued the dosage. Completed the 7 days, went to the doc..told him Im feeling fine except for the stool and a little weaknes. He suggested a urinalysis with a urine culture.

The urinalysis showed lot of bacteria, leukocyctes and WBC were present as well. But the culture test came negative. Doc said it might be that the medication is still working clearing off the bacteria.

After 2 weeks, the stool issues were there and I started feeling more weaker. Started experiencing sever chills but no fever. The temperature used to be around 36.3 to 36.7 degs. This freaked me out, I had experienced such weakness only when I had malaria a year ago. I consulted an infectious specialist. He said HIV prevelance is very low in females but more in homsexuals here. He sugested for a CBC/ALT/urinalysis.

16th April 2007:
CBC showed
Hemoglobin 172.0 g/l
Hematocrit 0.52
rbc 6.6
wbc 5.6
Eoisonphils 0.04
Neutrophils 0.64
Lymphocytes 0.27
Monocytes 0.05
Platelet count 156 X 10^9/l

ALT 95 - very high

Urinalysis was normal.
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Doc suggested a CBC/ALT again after few days focussing towards a viral infection.

20th April 2007:
CBC showed
Hemoglobin 172.0 g/l - Normal: 124.5-168.0
Hematocrit 0.48 - Normal: 0.38-0.50
rbc 6.4 - Normal: 4.4-6.4
wbc 5.4 - Normal: 5.2-10
Eoisonphils 0.03 - Normal: 0.02-0.04
Neutrophils 0.71 - Normal: 0.55-0.65
Lymphocytes 0.21 - Normal: 0.25-0.35
Monocytes 0.05 - Normal: 0.02-0.06
Platelet count 184 X 10^9/l - Normal: 150-450

ALT 125 - again very high - Normal:35-65

HepA/B/C came back negative.

Malaria test came back negative.

I got scared to death. Doc sggested a liver ultrasound. It showed moderate to marked fatty liver. Doc said this also can be due to me being lill overweight.

In between i also felt slight itch on the penis foreskin. Little white coating on the tongue. I am uncircumcised. Out of curiosity and fear i took a HIV ELISA ater 4 weeks,came out negative. I took a CD4 test. The CD4 were 546 and CD8 were 417 with the ratio being 1.32 (normal is 0.9-3.2) Are these really normal??

Still scared. I started drinking plenty of fluids. The weakness subsided..so did the stool issues...but as of now I still get the chills sometimes in morning before waking up. Temperature is the same arnd 36.5 degs. But still i get a feeling my body is trying to fight off something.

I took a CBC on 10th MAY 2007

10th MAY 2007:
CBC showed
Hemoglobin 173.0 g/l - Normal: 124.5-168.0
Hematocrit 0.53 - Normal: 0.38-0.50
rbc 6.8 - Normal: 4.4-6.4
wbc 6.1 - Normal: 5.2-10
Eoisonphils 0.06 - Normal: 0.02-0.04
Neutrophils 0.45 - Normal: 0.55-0.65
Lymphocytes 0.42 - Normal: 0.25-0.35
Monocytes 0.07 - Normal: 0.02-0.06
Platelet count 160 X 10^9/l - Normal: 150-450

ALT 119 - again very high - Normal:35-65
AST 33 - high - Normal: 15-37

I also took a EISA test post 6 weeks, awaiting the results on 15th MAY 2007. Will be meeting the doc on the same day.

I havent experienced rash/headache/swollen lymp nodes but I have started experiencing sever pain in my lower abdomen, just above the pelvis and sometimes lower back pain.
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I just dont know whats playing with me. I really hope and pray its not HIV. The chills/abdominal pain/white coating on tongue/weakness all seem to be acute HIV symptoms.

The local doc shruggs off HIV, and says it can be something viral but not HIV.

If at all anyone has gone through the same or has a hint about it, please suggest. I wouldnt really wanna pay this high a price for my mistake.

Sorry for the long post, wanted to mention everything in details.
hi CM what is ur status now.? i am experiencing same symptoms.
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What can one say other than you don't have HIV, your Neg test told you that. You believe that you don't have Hep. A,B,C because of the test so why are you worried about HIV with a Neg test? Funny how we seem to believe all other tests but not the HIV test we take.  
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Thanks a lot for your feedback longone.

Since there was a gonorrhoea/chlamydia infection, the scare of HIV was aggrevated after I saw the high liver enzymes ALT/slight inflammation of liver/increased lymphocytes. Dont know if this would be a result of the medications.

Also it feels as if ive just walked out of a wrestling bout. Im crossing my fingers for the 6 week test results and praying to god that this wont happen again.
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You can take a CBC at 9am an take another at 10 am and the readings will be different. That's the way the body is,it is always doing its thing. Those results are perfectly ok. Your next HIV test will be the same as the six week if you had no other exposures.
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4 weeks is a very good start, i am sure 6 weeks will be neg too. keep us posted.
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Around 2 years ago I was enjoying a drink on one of the very view occasions I wasn't with my wife during the 13 yeasr we have been together. Unfortunately there was a married women in the crowd who thought I wanted and should want to shag her. After persistantly telling her to **ck off I left the pub and woke up a few hours later with my strides down. I am a regular drinker and knwo for a fact I didn't have anywhere near enough booze for a sudden flack it reaction. Proceeding this I spoke to my wife and went throught the anxiety attacks, headaches , night sweats , tiredness guilt trip ect. Took the 4 week antibody test at the local doctors which unfrotunately was embarrasing given my wife sees them regualrly through her work. All negative including all other common STD's I have had CMV.
2 years have passed and I have had incidence of prolonged bowel inconsistancy's, maliase, headaches, and around a month ago I developed a sore throat, ear ache and displace voice box, have gone through all the thyroid blood tests with no alarms bells, slighty enlarged heart, weight loss, and after reading some alternative sites that this is all common symptons for HIV positive people decided to be retested for HIV. At the time of the intial test doctor informed of 90 odd percent expected accuracy.
Symptons still remain.
I read many sites where it has been stated of men with exposable incomes being unfaithfull and feared as much as anything that my 2 young children would question beyond my death from HIV the family values I have so strongly encouraged within them.
Got the test result today 2 years 9 months approx. after possible exposure and no further investigation required all STD's including HIV negative. Thankfully to this site I held hope that I didn't have HIV when all others had me doomed.
Thanks so much because from someone who held all the symptons your assurance and correct publication of the facts rather than the scare tastics was greatly appreciated. Yes some people screw everything they can and are increasing there risks of contracting a STD, others don't !!!
By no means am I in the clear , as I face a colonoscopy ( spell ? ), but at worst case scenario at least my family values wont be questioned should I be unfortunate enough to have colon or similar cancer, hope is sub-acute thyroditis ??
Once again thanks to the online DOCS and to all the other twisted people whom assume on tthose who present with systems of HIV , take a good look at yourself and question whether you may have left a drink on a bar ?
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I apologise but I forgot to mention some very improtant points to the above , the person assumed to have had her way , had explained previous to leaving the pub, not long after I had, told some other patrons who were keen to take her home, that her husband had cheated on her with a IV drug using sex worker.  
For all of those out there worrying about HIV , the chances of actually catching it are extremely rare from vaginal or oral sex and even more rare, should you pass negative at 4 weeks, even with the symptons I have presented with.
By know means do I suggest those looking for a bit bare back, but having done that very regularly, weekly, with new partners for a prolonged time, in my younger life, I know how it happens.
For peace of mind, just tarp up or if your female, just insist on protection, the stress and anxiety of possible HIV infection just aint worth it !
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