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4th Generation HIV Antibidy/Antigen Test Availability in Houston?


I'm new. Male. Straight. Married 17yrs.

I have read so much on the Dr.'s forums and have a pretty good understanding of my risk for STD (minimal if any).  I am at 33 days post exposure tomorrow.

I would like to ease some anxiety by having an HIV test now, and then again at 6-8 weeks (seeing HHH, MD's opinion on 6-8 week accuracy).  

For the test now, which test should I take for the greatest accuracy considering those available in Houston, TX?  Is the Antibody/Antigen test available here? Where exactly?  For the test at 6-8 weeks, I will do the standard 3rd generation Antibody test.  I find several of those available locally.

The good news is, I feel horrible about the incident and mark it off as the biggest mistake in my marriage.  If anything, it has proved that no temporary feeling is worth losing your family.  I am also well read on the fact that guilt leads to anxiety, which leads to symptoms.  I can accept that and am just trying to make it through to the point where I can reasonably assure myself I'm no physical threat to my wife.  She has been out of town since the incident and will return at about the 6 week mark with our first opportunity for sex.

Therefore, testing, even if not 100% coupled with the low risk will be soothing.

Thanks for replies.
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4 x CSW vaginal/oral protected.  4 different escorts in USA (one was from Croatia).  1 MAY have had some breast milk from nipple during nipple play.  Tasted sweet.  I stopped and didn't SEE any.
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You never had an exposure.
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Note that the 4CSW were not at the same time.  Across about 3 weeks with the last being 33 days ago.

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Logically, I get that "I never had an exposure".  I'd like to test anyway tomorrow.  Which test?
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Doesn't matter if they were all in one day, week or month. NO RISK.
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Go get a pregnancy test, they are cheaper and you'll get the same result.
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Probably a mistake to have posted here.
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Yes it probably was, because we deal with reality not people's anxieties and phobias.
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Realistic question then.....

Regardless of your opinion of risk, who in Houston offers the HIV DUO test?

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You have a computer and you find it necessary to ask? We have people here that have real issues we don't need people like yourself wasting our time.
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You never had an exposure and you don't need a DUO test. Your best bet is professional mental help to help you deal with your guilt.
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