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4th Generation Test Concern

Dear Dr, I had a nude body to body massage few weeks ago and the masseuse rubbed her vagina on my penis for 5 mins (heavy naked grinding) where her vaginal fluids came in contact with my foreskin and penis head. There was no penetration or insertion.
I have done the following blood test from vein and lab processed
4 weeks 4th gen hiv duo .. result negative
7 weeks 4th gen hiv duo .. result negative
9 weeks 4th gen hiv duo .. result negative

I have also written to the cdc and they replied window period is 18 to 45 days to test for 4th gen
Can I consider myself hiv negative and close this matter

Is it necessary to wait for 3 months for final test
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Enjoy life. You are negative.
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You risks dint exists and thats is why all of your 4th gen hiv test came back negative,
The only risks are unprotected anal or vagina sex or sharing needle syringe equipment with some one known positive.
Move on and stay safe and theres no need to test at 3 months again as the result will still be the same again.
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Dear zeal
Thank you for your quick response.. much appreciated.. please may I ask 2 more question
The local doctor who I saw said if the masseuse had hiv her vaginal fluid is also a Carrier and could penetrate mucous membranes .. please explain
Also lastly assuming there was even the slightest risk would my tests be considered conclusive at 9 weeks
HIV requires penetration - a penis inside a vagina or anus, unprotected - in order to infect.

In any case, your test was conclusive.
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