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4th gen Hiv test

I've already read multiple posts and answers about my specific risk for HIV from Frottage only.....I realize its a no risk situation, but hypothetically ....is there much to be gained from waiting for a 28day 4th gen test vs a 21 day test?.....I've read Doctor HHH in older posts say he considers a 28 day 4th gen test to be conclusive, but i see some online testing agencies saying the 4th gen is 97-99% accurate at 21 days and dont act like their is much to be gained at a 28 day test.

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If you know it is a no risk situation and you've been advised frottage does not transmit the virus, then why are you asking?  You sincerely need to speak to your doctor about anxiety.  This is an anxious question born out of your worry.  If you address your anxiety then you can get on with life without this burden. Or the next mental burden and the next one.   Tests often won't change at 21 days if they are a 4th generation Duo test but they are not considered conclusive until the 28 day mark. What someone should do is skip the 21 day test and wait until 28 days or beyond.  In your case, you could test any day and it's accurately negative since you couldn't get HIV from your exposure.
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