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4th gen combo at 3 weeks

After an insertive vaginal sex with period I've noticed a condom slippage. I believe it happened after the intercourse, but can't be sure...

My partner had minor staining from her period.

I did a 4th gen combo at 3 weeks that turned out negative, but from week 2 to week 4 I have developed multiple reactive lymph nodes all over my neck (confirmed with USG) and now in week 4 i have 38'C fever.

No rash, no other signs of any infections.

What is the accuracy of a 4th gen test at 22 days?
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Lots of diseases will give you a fever.
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And lymph nodes all over the place? Fever? Ulcers in mouth?
hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them and you shouldn't either. Only a test can prove hiv and no one on this board since I've been here has tested positive because most of them had no risk but didn't believe it and tested.
Continue to work with doc about your lymph instead of trying to self-diagnose hiv from it.
hiv is dead in air (and also in saliva) & touching dead virus in blood is safe. That is why you can't get hiv from oral sex
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If it was so loose that the head was unprotected it would have fallen off. It is unclear from your description exactly what happened and where when you say "resting next to". Please provide more description because it sounds like you withdrew and the condom was next to your penis after that.  If it was so loose that it fell off during intercourse you would be soft and not penetrating.
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After penetration ejaculation and withdrawing I have noticed condom next to my partner.

Condom was entirely off. My penis next to it. I do not know when it slipped of exactly.

I have just discovered 4 sores in my mouth... My  fever is still on, and lymph nodes keep swelling.
It sounds like it fell off as/after you withdrew and softened so you had no risk if that's the case. The condom can't move out of her vagina on its own.
What of there was blood on a condom? I may have touched it with my penis...
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A condom slipping does not lead to HIV. Only the head of the penis needs to be covered. You don't need to test as you had no risk. The only risks are unprotected (head of penis) vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. For info purposes, while a 4th generation duo test is very unlikely to change at 22 days, the test is not considered conclusive until 28 and beyond. Symptoms are NEVER used to diagnose HIV.
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This is clear to me, that penis head must be involved. Condom has slipped entirely, my condom was resting next to it. I can't tell for sure if it was on during the intercourse. For brief moment it may not... This is why I ask about testing accuracy at 22 days.

Thanks for your answer!
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"This is clear to me, that penis head must be involved." Actually the urethra is where the virus would have to travel down to infect you. It can't penetrate into the head especially just from touching.
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.... can't get hiv from oral sex and touching it.
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I am not mentioning oral sex. My penis may have either rubbed ona slipped condom with some blood on it, or I could have penetrated here briefly without a condom, that could have slipped of... On
The condom didn't slip off inside her then somehow appear outside her as you seem to think happened. It slipped off after you were done having penetrating sex. I explained before that the condom was on when you pulled out so all you had was air exposure to dead virus. You had zero risk.
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