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4th gen testing for HIV

Under what circumstances would you test positive after testing negative after 3 months exposure? Using 4th Gen ab/ag test has this ever happened?
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There is no test, in the world, for any disease, that is 100% accurate.  The 4th and 5th generation tests are 99.98% accurate.
Do you know about any cases where this happened( an individual tested positive after testing negative at 3 months post exposure)?
No, but I also don't go around asking people about whether they think they have HIV and when they tested.  I also don't spend time searching the internet for case studies on extraordinarily rare anomalies.

Did you even have a risk for HIV?
Kind of Cws exposure, i was having trouble getting erected so cws performed fetalio with condom when erected vaginal intercourse begun. By the time i finish condom was halfway my penis.
Tested at 99 days post exposure fortunately test came back negative.
As long as the head of your penis was covered during intercourse - which it clearly was - you had zero risk for HIV.  You can move on from this event without further testing.  You didn't need to test at all since you were never exposed to HIV.
Thanks for the quick reply and running this forum to inform many of us who experience doubt and are uneducated about hiv. Have a nice day, thank you.
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The only event that could result a 3 months negative turn into positive later is, if you had a potential exposure in the interim, perhaps, unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with a positive partner. There is no other scope for a negative at third month to change further.

I’m a little confused, when you say a “potential exposure in the interim” you mean a second or more exposures  between first exposure and test at three month correct?
Let's make this simple. Every unprotected vaginal or anal penetration is an exposure. Every exposure requires you wait until after the window period to test. A 4 or 5 gen is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other test after 3 months. Since you don't hiv, you really need to stop worrying so you can move on.
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