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4th generation hiv test !

Condom tore incident , 6 weeks post exposure , 4 weeks post last dose of viraday (ill advised pep from day 6 to 16)

4th generation duo combo +p24 antigen test ( non reactive )
Is it conclusive?
Symptoms like muscle ache, joint pains still persists.
Thanks in advance

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Herpes sores present ! Can i be happy about result , or still be in doubt coz of herpes , symptoms.
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This is an hiv forum only and you already got the HIV advice.
Sorry ..yep i know i read sonewhere herpes and hiv transmit together...thats why i am worried sir..
Thats what i am trying to ask..can i take my test result conclusive or have to reapeat .
And that other dude who asked similar question is not me ..i was also shocked seeing his post almost similar to mine...my worry is does my 10 days of medication can have any issue with result sir...
Your results are conclusive.  Time to forget about this event and move on.  Whatever is causing your symptoms is NOT related to HIV.  You don't have HIV.
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