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4th generation test was negative for both parties.

Hello all: My exposure was insertive vaginal sex for a week. I tested negative 4th gen at 4 weeks and my possible exposure partner tested Alere 4th gen Rapid negative at 7 and Duo 4th generation negative at 11 weeks after the time we last had sex. All test were done in the US.

1. Is it possible for both of us to have false negative and late antibody production?

2. Could it be HIV-2 since the lady’s last exposure was with a guy from Sudan? And therefore the 4th generation tests have not picked the virus up yet?

Please advise.
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No, I think there is not a chance of false negatives for the two of you.  Really, there isn't a chance of a false negative for the one of you.  If you tested at the appropriate time with a 4th generation test, you should consider yourself conclusively negative. You have tested negative for HIV so should move on from this worry.
Thank you so much for this. And Im so sorry, I do not mean to be asking too many questions. The reason why I freaked out was because at about 8-9 weeks after my exposure, I developed on and off loose stool for a few days and then I had a stuffy nose that lasted about more than a month  with swollen nodes in my armpit.  The swollen nodes went away after i started taking antibiotic for my stuffy nose. It turned out the stuffy nose was due to sinustis. I have read that HIV can cause opportunistic infections like stuffy nose and sinustis. And again reading about HIV-2 freaked me out too.

Note: at 6 weeks after exposure I had fatigue for 2 days, body weakness for a few days and also white foamy tongue and a few mild night sweats.
About 35 million Americans have sinusitis at least once each year. so you need to move on from hiv theories since the test proves you don't have hiv. The first step to moving on back to your normal life  is to stop googling for death cold turkey.
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My very last question. Today, the lady I got exposed to did a final test at 103 days after we last had sex, 4th gen Alere rapid at planned parenthood and it was negative. Is this conclusive for ‘HIV-2’ ???  I know its conclusive for HIV-1.

Now I have a girl friend and wants to strt unprotected sex. My main concern has been HIV-2 for her. Please advise. Thank you
Please move on from HIV.  You don't have HIV.  You were previously advised that your other tests were conclusive - and that includes HIV-1 and HIV-2.  There's no need for either of you to keep testing or asking about testing.
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