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5 week vs 6 week test

If I take a test a couple of days short of my 6 week mark--Will this still be somewhat reliable???
I just wanted to know before I go out of town.  What if I take it at 5 week and 4 days..
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Your conclusive test is 13 weeks post possible exposure.
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I thought 6 weeks test were somewhat accurate.  I am still planning on getting tested at 12-13 week post exposure.

Also, does ARS always present itself in infected people???  
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6  weeks is a great indicator, if one receives a negative at the 6th week, should be rest assured that he/she doesn't have it however better safe than sorry, 12 weeks confirmatory test would mean NO friggin chance !

* A 6 week's result changing ahead is very very unheard.

And the reason I say that a 6 week's negative is encouraging for an individual with a normal immune system is ;

1. A test taken on the 6-8 week would always give you a reliable result (Any anti body test any generation including the finger *****)

2. Since average time to seroconvert is22 days after the exposure and few go up to 4 to 6 week - 6 months(people with shattered immune system, iv drug user etc.)

4. Detectable amount of antibodies would always be shown in the test result after two weeks following seroconversion

5. Having said that all by 6 week a person should get an indicative result when tested by any generation of the test

6. Reconfirming the result at the 12 week with another antibody test would be an excellent idea.

Dr's insight about a six week test :

D. HHH's words :

"Last November I attended a large medical meeting in which 300+ HIV/AIDS experts were asked if they had had any patients in the past 5 years who took more than 6-8 weeks to turn positive. Not one person raised his or her hand. Search this forum for "time to positive HIV test" for innumerable discussions.


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*sigh*  Had something put into my drink and had
unprotected vaginal sex, had internal bleeding (as he was rough), AND he gave me herpes (just dianosed).  I don't have much history on him..

=0(  I am so scared.
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Thank you both.  Sorry for all of the questions.. Just scared out of my mind.
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NP :)

what was your exposure ?
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I'm sorry for what happened to you.

HIV is a very difficult virus to acquire, I don't think he had HIV.

Ease up, get tested and do post your result here.

You'd be in my thoughts and prayer.

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Thank you.  I haven't been able to relax since it happened.  (June 6th)

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I just feel that I am at higher risk, given my circumstances:
1-unprotected vaginal sex
2-internal bleeding, which indicates there was an opening, if I bled.
3-he gave me another STD (herpes)

I just pray to God that I don't have it.
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I understand however for any concern he needed to have HIV and I really don't think he had it, no one can be that ruthless to give HIV deliberately.

I think, you're fine

Go ahead, get tested, you should be okay.

I wish you luck

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Thank you.  

Well there are MEAn people in this world.  He lied to me about his last name, about being clean (contracted herpes from him), job..etc  He even lied to me about going to get tested.  After this happened he swore he would get std tested and lied about that.  So obviously he is hiding something.

Thank you for wishing me luck.. I need it. =)
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Mike, where did you get your information that the average time to seroconvert is 22 days? Does this mean if I was to seroconvert at 22 days and took an HIV test that day it would be fairly accurate? Or does it take a week or so after seroconverstion to test?

I am only asking becuase I took my most recent test at about 23 days
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