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5 wks Antibody test accurate

I had unprotected anal sex (as insertive partner) on the Dec 27th, and I just had blood drawn for an antibody test on Jan 31st... about 34 days.
And tested Negative.

Should I be worried or accept the results?
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You never had an exposure.
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I have a swollen lymph node, muscle soreness, and occasional diarrhea. How can I be sure I've never had an exposure?
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I think Teak read your post incorrectly. You did have a risk and in your other post I indicated when to test.
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When did anal sex not become an exposure...?
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As I posted, I believe Teak read it wrong.
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Had to because he says oral is no risk now he's saying anal is no risk and he's suppose to be a hiv expert giving out that info
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Yes he did read it incorrectly, we are human and do make mistakes.
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Yes I did make a mistake.
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Is a five 5 week antibody test a good indication? Or mostly baseless due to lack of time?
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Take duo at 6 week after exposure.
If negative that is good indication.
and follow up 3 months just antibody alone.
I am too late test duo at 7 week :'(
although the result was negative but it is not enough.
Now I am going through 13 weeks but still didnt get test.
I hope ur result is negative
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Your 3 month post exposure test will be conclusive.
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