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5 years after exposure

i had a low risk exposure about 5+ years back but did not get myself tested as it was a low risk. i was feeling very weak these days and made a mistake of self-online-diagnosis. i am terrified like hell now of being hiv+ all these 5 years.. i guess my questions are:

1. is there any one symptom/condition i MUST have in the 5 years, if i was hiv+? what is it?
2. Not losing any weight in the last 5+ years, is it a proof to say that i did not catch hiv?

please someone help.
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What was your  "low risk exposure" ?
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she fingered herself and touched top of my unprotected penis with wet hand. i believe this is low risk. i didn't want to say this because this might influence the answers you give for 1 and 2 questions above. i want to know the answers irrespective of my risk. thanks in advance.
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I'll talk logic here, firstly HIV can't be indicated with the help of symptoms. Secondly, loosing / not loosing weight has nothing to do with HIV, that's just a misconception amongst majority of people unaware of HIV.If one thinks that he/she was exposed to HIV would only require a HIV test and no guessing game.

Though you don't require a test but if that's the only thing that can provide you with peace of mind, I'd say go ahead get tested, you can only expect a negative since you never had a risk at the first place and testing would be wastage of blood and money.

Your discomforts are in no relation to HIV, you should see a doc for your ailments and get them treated.

If what you've mentioned is what you considered to be risk, I must tell you that you're very irrational when it comes to thinking cuz it wasn't a low risk event but a no risk event.

One needs to be exposed to large amount of infected fluid for any risk and the external media (air) condition inhibits the HIV as soon as it's exposed to it. Also, the concentration of HIV is higher in the cervico-vaginal fluid and not vaginal fluid.Hence, from risk assesment perspective, your risk from this incidence was "ZERO".
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