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This may seem crazy, but for some strange reason after finding out the "symptoms" of HIV i couldn't help but think about a time almost five years ago when i had mono.  My doctor did the test for mono and it came back positive and the guy i was seeing lived with his brother and his brother's girlfriend, who also had mono, but the brothers did not.  I had been seeing this man for a month and at the end of the month i had a horrible sore throat, went to my dr and she did a blood test and it came back positive for mono...i had protected vaginal sex w/ him once and unprotected oral sex maybe three times at the  most, but (since its been almost five years) i dont remember if he went in my mouth at all (i know at least twice he didn't)...im married now and i've been with my husband monogomously for two months shy of five years now...i don't think i've ever been tested for HIV specifically, but i've had alot of bloodwork done, esp recently when i went to the hospital for chest pains and a racing hearbeat..they took so much blood and did a ton of bloodwork, but i'm not sure if they would be able to tell anything from not doing a specific bloodtest...everything came back perfectly normal and it turned out to be anxiety..my husband was tested once about four months after we had been together and it was negative...should i be worried at all??  I feel like i have a pretty healthy immune system even when i'm totally stressed out and my husband rarely gets sick as well and he works w/ the public....i'm just wondering if my risks are high
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please respond...i'm super anxious
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Your risk is low, oral sex carries only a small risk for transmission and the fact that he didn't ejaculate in your mouth makes the risk almost zero.  The symptoms you describe from five years ago were indeed mono considering you tested positive for it.  Go to your doctor and have a test done to put this out of your mind.  It will be negative though.  
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thank you for commenting, i am too nervous about getting a test done for fear it may be positive (even tho it probably isn't) but i would like to think that after five years something funny would show up on my bloodtests to concern the drs..i don't know why all of the sudden i am nervous about this now
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I can understand your situation. It requires lots of nerves power to submit a blood sample, wait and then collect the results. But everything pays off when you see a word "Non Reactive" or "negative" on it.

However in your case, 5 years is hell of a long period. You would have been very sick if you were really positive. Considerable damage occur to the immune system in 5 yeas in most of the cases.  As you have mentioned, lot of blood tests has ran for different reasons, your physician would have been alerted looking some abnormalities (like very low lymphocytes or low WBC or likewise) in your blood chemistry and definitely ordered more tests for you for further screening, which he did not. So you have no reason to worry about. However if you really make up your mind for an antibody test, it will certainly be negative and will take you out of this situation permanently.
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thank you for your comment, where do you all get your information from?  i'm not saying that anyone is wrong, but i'm just asking because i'd like somewhere else to refer to as well...unless you have recieved this info from your doctors
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I am not a doctor and neither this was an advice for me from my doctor. Based on the knowledge we picked up here on the forum, I wrote these comments. Of course, final word has to come from your consulting doctor, who knows your case better than anybody else does, and his knowledge would be case specific and more accurate.
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5 years (you probably would have noticed by then)! Also protected sex is protected sex (no risk)! also oral is no risk regardless. So five years and no risks equals no risk. No need to test, but you can do it and get a conclusive negative, because 3 months is the conclusive point and you are way past that!
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