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6 month oraquick

Good afternoon all. Just wanted to ask if my 6 month Oraquick in-home oral swab test is conclusive, it was negative. I can’t help but read that these tests have a 1 in 12 false positive even after the “window period” of 3 months. My girlfriend wants to settle down and has been talking about having a family. I have taken 6-8 Oraquick in-home oral swab tests since my unprotected intercourse with a female at the beginning of august last year, all negative. I had tonsilitis, sore throat and fever 5-6 days after that encounter.

If you guys could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Just confused on the sensitivity/specificity of this test out to 6 months and wondering if I even need to get a blood test.

Thank you!
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Edit: I meant to say 1-12 false “negative.”
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What was your risk?  
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Unprotected vaginal intercourse.
Any test is conclusive after 3 months so you should have stopped long ago. Further testing will be abnormal, because you should move on instead.
Anyone can get a a sore throat so no one here pays attention to symptoms and you shouldn't either.
Since you didn't test positive, there is no false positive issue for consideration wrt your situation.
You probably know all of that anyway though, since you have so many closed threads. Consider therapy instead of wasting your life distrusting the testing science that has shown you are fixating on a disease you don't even have.
I’m sorry, I meant false negatives.
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Your question was answered that your test already taken is conclusive. That's the final answer.
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