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6 months ...!!!

After my exposure on the 10th of May, and after the condom broke, I have been living in hell, I did more than 16 tests, the last one was on the 13th week mark / 92 days (COMBO Ab/Ag test).  including one PCR after 21 days ... all negative..

I know that the experts here would comment that CDC and FDA guidlines put me in the clear after my last test (i.e. 3 months is conclusive), but while i am browsing the internet I still see some other guys stating that if you have symptoms you need to test to the 6 months mark!!

I am not sure how educated these people are, but how can someone like me rest assured that the negative he has is enough and that he doesnt require further testing?

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* Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusively negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusively negative results or a no-risk situation will be based upon the criteria established by MedHelp’s doctors. Action will be taken as follows:
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Take it easy, I was expecting this warning..... I am sharing an info that i found on the internet and need assurance from the guys here that this is not correct
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You've been here long enough to know what the guidelines are. It's time for you to move along.
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Should i trust these guidelines for my wife and childs lifes? can i resume my usual life at home?
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Of course...
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I accept this answer from an expert guy in this matter like you Teak...
Thank you very much...
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i have had 8moths hiv negative but still feeling sick i try to move on but i cant coz iam full of anxiety everytime i get sick i think its hiv
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Post in the anxiety community.
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How do you comment on the following statement
"A negative result in the HIV screening test precludes the existence of HIV antibod-ies and p24 antigen at the time point of testing. The security of this result, however, depends particularly on the time interval from the possible transmission event. This has important consequences:

1. HIV testing immediately after a possible transmission is not meaningful, as no HIV antibodies are yet formed. An HIV test should therefore be carried out at the earliest in the 3rd week after exposure. Exception: If it needs to be documented for legal reasons (e.g., needle stick injury) that at the time of transmission no existing HIV infection was present.

2. An HIV infection can not be ruled out until three months after possible transmission with sufficient certainty. Check-ups should be performed two and six weeks and three months after exposure. A further test (after six months) is appropriate only in exceptional cases, for example, if there is suspicion of acute retroviral syndrome.

3. A negative test result is dependable only in the case of no re-exposure within the past three months (from the time of the original exposure)."

They are saying : in case you have symptoms a follow up test after 6 months is recommended
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They are also saying ONLY in exceptional cases eg. acute retroviral syndrome.

If a negative test at the 3 month mark dosen't convince you you don't have HIV - it's time for proffessional help to address that issue, so you can move on from this. Check out the OCD board - I think you'll find it helpful.

The symptoms you are experiencing are common ailments experienced by countless numbers of HIV negative people all the time. And your negative 3 month test is proof they are not HIV related.

Really buddy, time to move on.
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