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6 months negative

Hello Lizzie, Teak, Vance...

I had encounter with CSW in november 2010. Only protected vaginal and oral bothways. She tested neg. 10 weeks after sex with me and I took 25 HIV tests. Last test was at 26 weeks mark. All my tests were negative. Is there still chance for me that I am infected? All my tests were 4th generation DUOs. I also took Hep A,B,C and syphilis tests at 4 months mark and they were also negative. My doctor says that I am conclusively negative after 6 months HIV test but I am still thinking about HIV. Thank you guys.
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No your not infected, move on.
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how many times have you been told that:

#1...you had no risk


#2...your tests are CONCLUSIVE


if you cannot accept these two FACTS...then seek the help of a mental health professional instead of an online forum.   we have nothing left to offer ! !
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Yes Lizzie, I know what I ´ve been told. I hate myself for my stupid decision from november. Have you ever seen or have you heard about someone who tests negative at 6 months and later test positive. I red about one nurse in early 90s. She was coinfected with HEP C and her body found antibodies just after 12 months post encounter. I don ´t know what to think.

But thank you.
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Don 't be angry Lizzie, please. I am just trying to get myself out of this hell. My mind is ruined. But thank you, god bless you.
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That nurse your talking about actually seroconverted at 8 months not 12 and that was in the early 90,s.That doesn,t happen anymore because of more advanced testing methods.Also the 6 month window period was changed to 3 months back in 2004.
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Do you think that this is impossible scenario in these days? Was she on PEP?
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Move on, you have already been given your assessement.
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Are 6 months the most conservative window period also for a people with autoimmune disorders and other compications???
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Move on, you have already been given your assessement.
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Ok, thank you, bye.
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Hello everybody. I took another HIV test antibodies and p24 antigen at 220 days-7 and half moths. Result was negative. Why am I not able to accept my negative result? I am still anxious and I am still thinking about further testing. Today I recieved message from plasma donors facility where I have been tested 3 months ago-Humanplasma centre. It was 4 months after my exposure when I was there. I tought that my blood was tested only with elisa that day but they wrote to me that my blood has been tested with Elisa and also by the PCR test at the same time and both results were negative. So let me ask you. It is possible to be infected with HIV and have negative results from antibodies Elisa and also viral PCR test performed on the same blood sample. Thank you for answers.
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