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6 months test ?

I had a exposure 145 days ago (almost 5 months) I had a hiv ab/ag 4th generation test at 13 weeks and number of hiv test past 13 weeks recent one 20 weeks oraquick (negative).I am wondering do I need to test at six months and the possibilty of a false negative hiv test at 145 days ?
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You've posted enough here and in the expert forum to already know what the answers are going to be.  ONE, if you're still talking about the oral exposure, you never needed testing to begin with.  

If you truly had a risk (unprotected vaginal or anal sex), then your 13 week result is conclusive.  You do not need ANY further testing, there is NO need to test past 3 months.

You do not have HIV.
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Great replay, I just worried about false negative
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