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6 months test?

My 6 months post-exposure is approaching tomorrow and I have set up an appointment to be tested one last time. I have received negative results at 9.5 (elisa), 14.5 (elisa), and 19 wks (oraquick blood) post-exposure. My questions: 1) Does 24 weeks equal 6 months? 2) Will my results change?
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soooooo...how many times have you been told that your test(s) were conclusive and you didnt need further testing?

time to move on...our answers DONT change
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This final test is really to end my anxiety and depression over my exposure, but I can't help but to be a bit nervous. I do believe that once I get the negative results one last time (and I know I will) I will be able to let this go. I do have want to have confidence in my results but my mind won't let me. That's why I will have this one last test, then if I am still having difficulties accepting it I will seek professional help for my issues.  Thanks for your replies!
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not sure if this will help you but I tested neg at 3 months 4 months and guess what my 6 month final test was? NEGATIVE! Only did the 6 month because my Dr. is super conservative which she has every right to be. Moral of the story I highly doubt you have anything to worry about. Also if it is neg. seek the help if you can't get passed this. After all life is for you to enjoy not dwell on! Learn from this mistake and move passed it and be well. God bless and take care.
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I tested at six weeks and then six months...both neg...worrying has to stop at some point. On here and everywhere else really....three mos is the norm
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Dont waste your money your 3 month test is the answer you are looking for. 6 month window is old news.
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Thanks for your replies. It has put my mind at ease for now. I really can't afford another test right now bc my insurance doesn't cover it but I feel like I have to have it for sanity purposes, so hopefully I will find a way to pay. I will discuss further testing and if it is REALLY needed with my doc at my apt tom.
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Listen to your Dr. and if you need to test again for your ease of mind do so! It will help you accept that you are neg. If you cant afford it there are places they will test for free or even little cost like planned parenthood. Good luck and be sure to post your results for others to learn from.
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Thanks and I will surely return!!!
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I got my results back from my test today. Along with the HIV test my doctor ran test for Hepatitis as well. Everything came back NEGATIVE! (or as the nurse puts it my “labs were normal”). Since I took the test Thursday I hv bn harassing the lab each day checking to see if my results were back. My 24 wk test is negative and I am closing this stressful chapter in my life. Thank You MedHelp for your support through my stressful time. Oh let me say to all the worried wells: 3 months is really conclusive. Believe your results!
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