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70 days test

hello sir good day to you hope every thing is going good..
after all the tests i had done which is:
-Antibodies test .3 days later onit was negative (I know it was in vain).
-Antibodies test (eclia).10 days after exposure .it was negative (0.07).
_Hiv1-2 abs+p24 AG (CMIA).21 days after exposure . non reactive (0.08 s/co).
-Hiv1-2 PCR RNA..21 days after exposure . not detected
i decided to take another test today which is day no 69 i went and idid the test and please help me answering the following questions:
-on the report it was written ECLIA TEST so is it the same of ELISA TEST some thing else ?
ā€“ what is this test looking for exactlly antibodies or antigen or both togethore?
-the result was 0.25 negative does the increament on the number mean anything ?cause it was 0.07 on the first week.
and 0.08 on 3rd week.
thanks again and waiting for your kind response
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Hi there.

You are conclusively 100% HIV Negative, you have had an exceptional amount of tests that price this :)

Don't get caught up in figures, you are yes or no with a test and you are definitkey Negative, that will not change unless you put yourself at risk.

You can safely move on and forget all about HIV now - how good is that!! :)

Best Wishes

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dear rocket27rocket
thank you soo much for your kind reply. i wish i can move forward and forget this thing but there is still alot of questions going on ma mind .

for example they are saying that antibodies production will delay sometimes untill 6 month for some cases , then how can i make sure that am not one of those who is facing hard times with antibodies production .???

- though every one is saying 3 month is the time required for conclusive tests then why countries like france states that 6 weeks is conclusive ?

- can symptoms show up late as 7-10 weeks? and if it start showing up will it all come togethore at once or it will show up one by one ?

-for example i have rsh on my left arm ..can it if we assumed it's hiv rash show only on one arm not the other one?

maaaan am really facing hard time with this kind of quistions
and i wish i can get more experts like you and TEAK to help me up ..

thank you again
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Six months is dating back to the eighties and it was never due to antibodies developing late, it was due to tge sensitivity of the tests.

Modern tests are in a different league, even the FDA on America confirms that a negative 4th generation duo test at 28 days is concussive.

Your rash is nothing to do with HIV, you do not have HIV.

I have been where you are now, I too found it hard to accept my results but I did in the end.

I would be careful whose advice you seek, many people still go by outvof date info as they have been around the virus for thirty odd years...

You are unquestionably HIV NEGATIVE!! :)
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FDA confirmed an duo is conclusive at 28 days? Haven't seen this
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Dear rocket27rocket

thank you again , but kindly tell me have you ever found someone who turned positive after 70 days negative test ?

- or any one who got infected just from doing vaginal rubbing with his peines tip ?

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dear mikey29287
yes i have read this before , but man there is other people even on this forum saying this is not true and 3 month is the the right time .

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It's extremely unlikely that your 70 day negative result will change.I would discuss this matter with your doctor and if He/She says no more testing is required then I would adhere to that advice.Tests a far more sensitive these days.Best wishes Eve
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sir thanks for your response but you know there is nothing is for sure when it comes to medicine ,so what i need to know is does it ever happen that some one who tested negative on the day 70 and then turned positive after that?

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