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75 days Hiv Test NEGATIVE

After exposure I did a 4 weeks PEP , waited for complete 6 weeks making it 10 weeks post exposure before testing with Alere Determine Hiv1/2 antibody test which came out NEGATIVE.

What does it mean ?
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It means you have tested conclusively negative for HIV, and you do not need any more tests, no matter what.
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Ok Doctor.

Any reason for saying that ?
Did you use a condom?
I would wait 12 weeks for an antibody test after finishing the PEP. Or do a duo test now because that just has a 4 week window.
12 weeks post exposure or 12 weeks post pep?
Post-PEP.  12 weeks post-PEP for an antibody-only test, 4 weeks post-PEP for a 4th gen (Ag/Ab) test.
But you initially told me my test was conclusive and needed no further testing at 6 weeks Post PEP?
My error - I missed that it was an antibody-only test.  
PEP is highly effective, so if your partner had HIV, it is unlikely that you contracted it.  Antibody-only tests are still highly reliable at 6 weeks post-PEP.  The odds that you got HIV from this event, and that the PEP did not work, and that you got a negative test 6-weeks post-PEP are astronomical.
And today marks it 7 weeks Post Pep and I also got a NEGATIVE by the  antibody alere determine Hiv1/2 test.
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What was the exposure?
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Am male. Insertive Vaginal.
Did you use a condom? I asked that on your other thread.
Actually I asked it above.
If I did use condom why then would I use Pep at the first instance? And why then would I be here asking for accuracy when there wasn't an exposure to start with.
Many people use a condom then post here that they are worried they have hiv because they think they have a symptom.
Ok I get it now. You are very right. And I commend your thoughtful skill and expertise. Kudos.

So in light of my Alere determine Antibody test 7WEEKS after the last dose of Pep (11 weeks post exposure) coming out NEGATIVE, what do you make of it as an experienced expert ?
You have to wait for 12 weeks unless you do a duo now. I don't do probabilities because I don't want to let someone down. I would just focus on the fact if the other person was negative then you have no risk until you can test.
This is what COMMUNITY LEADER mic said with respect to a similar case as mine on this very platform..
He said to the Person who needed to know a Conclusive test after his pep and I quote

"Recommended test for your situation is a 4th Gen HIV Ag & Ab test at 28 days post finishing PEP or alternatively, any standard antibody test at 6 weeks.  

Another moderator on this platform by name "Pagal" also recommend an antibody test at 4 weeks on the same thread.

Ibase Hiv also said a conclusive test would be a test of any sort 6weeks post Pep.
Now you are saying 12 weeks.

Right now am confused.
What should we actually believe in amidst this conflicting submissions.

(His response on someone's Antibody test)

"With your 6 week test negative, cause of these orao thrush is not be HIV infection. Today HIV test is accurately conclusive after 4 weeks however even eatlier tests were highly reassuring at or after 6 weeks mark and the experys never seen anyone reported negative at 6 weeks but turning otherwise in the subsequent weeks."
There is no one called Pagal or if they exist they haven't been here for awhile. You cannot find consensus about whether the tests are conclusive earlier so it will be a frustrating hunt on Google  if you start searching, but by 12 weeks it is definitely conclusive in just about every expert's view.
No one can stop you from testing again at 12 weeks.  No one can MAKE you test again at 12 weeks, either.  The choice of when to accept a result as conclusive enough for you is yours alone.  We are simply iterating the guidance issued by experts, and the guidelines from test manufacturers.  There is ZERO point in endlessly asking us to reach a different conclusion.

So based on the guidance issued by experts , lately, BAASH for example provided for conclusiveness of PEP antibody testing at 12 weeks "post exposure"and not 12 weeks "post pep".

Am I right to say I have a week to be conclusively negative since I am at the 11th week post exposure?
My answer will not change no matter how many different ways you ask.
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