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8 weeks

Has anyone heard or read any case that shows a probability of becoming positive after 8 weeks?
Yes or No?
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8 weeks is not enough time for most people to produce detectable antibody ...
as i am  still not diganosed after 5 months and 5 days(neg) , and waiting for 6 months point test.
it is not right that some guys give an false assurance to the possible hiv infected people that 6 or 12 weeks is conclusive...
i had all symptons and now having neural problem (jolting my muscles),shortness of breath(PCP i guess) , weakness and so on . . . but no one can tell me what is wrong with me!!!???
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It is your choice, if you keep testing yourself for the next one or two years, its your blood and your money. But CDC, WHO, Dr HH, Dr Bob, all can not be wrong. There is a an agreement on 3 months window period unless someone is having deteriorated immune system.
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dude you are so hiv negative, 5 months is MORE than enough time to conclude your symptoms arent due to HIV. Seek some counseling, seems like you have HIV phobia.
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Did you test for other stuffs as well? If you have 5 months (over 3 months) negative, hiv shouldn't be your problem.
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your 6 month will be negative if your negative at 5 months 5 days. trust me!!
then you will still worried til 8, 12 months, My last test was duo p24/ab at 23 weeks!! i was 10000% convinced it would be positive. I am only now recovering, glands were up for 3 months. I have honestly given up trying to find out. last dr's visit, lymph went up slightly 2.45 to 2.59. ESR from 2 to 6 while "ars" now 4. CBC Within normal, all tests negative.
sometimes we have to accept things, i was going to test at now 26 weeks, but cant be bothered!! even if you did have some rare/mild infection, no test on the planet will show it, it's not HIV, so it wont kill you. the stress will. i have chest pain, but I put it down to a bruise (pcp takes years to develop) otherwise were gonna end up in the loony bin!
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As tg4 said..get urself tested for MONO..
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I Got a glandular fever swab (same as Mono) It was negative.

Mono is Extremely Common, You could have got it Years ago, It would still show up.
Maybe I had a Mild Mono?? I Hope so

There are about 80 different Conditions that can cause Lymphadenopathy. I am Negative p24/Ab Hiv1+2 at 23 Weeks, which is close enough to 6 months. Go Figure!!

http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/297966 The more you look, the more alternatives you find, HTLV1, HTLV2, CMV, EBV, HHV6, CFS, Adenovirus.......................to......Hiv

It's Impossible to Find out unless you Spend 1000's
That's why you cant only rely on Tests.
Apparently I'm Less than 0.5-1% Chance of Having Hiv now.
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no i just got tested for HIV ...
personaly i realize that thinking of any disease could make it worse ,and being optimistic could make it easier for us to recover from any disease ,even HIV or whatever ...
but unfortunatly HIV is challenging me to a duel...
ofcourse if i just think about it,even 12 months test wont be conclusive for myself...
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Dude. You do not have HIV. Have you doctor test for other things and if they can not find anything go to another doctor. What have you been tested for?
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If you think that your antibodies have not shown up get a PCR DNA test. This test detects for the actual virus in you DNA. They use it in the Porn industry for early detection. It is expensive, but it sounds like you need peace of mind like I did. It is used on conjunction with the ELISA antibody to diagnose.
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did u have symptons ? every day i am having a new sympton,and now involving dry mouth and peeling my skin... arround 5 months and 15 days past but i cant get rid of symptons...
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I Too Have unknown rash/spots, you can look at these pictures if it helps

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If you didn't test for other stuffs, then how could you say no one can tell you what's wrong with you?
I suggest you better find a doctor and sort it out, rather than wasting all your time chasing something you don't have.
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Congrats for your results and I specifically appericiate the way you have handles the stressful period. However, I must say that I disagree with you sighting PCR DNA test to mitm for 2 reasons:

a. mitm is not acting rationally having tested over 5 months
b. PCR DNA can never give a conclusive result

Why does DNA PCR not give conclusive results??

This test is meant to check the infection in the babies whereby the mothers ofthe new born babies are HIV infected. In such scenarioes, generally speaking, in developed countries the mother's HIV infection clade is known. When the subtype is already known, the lab performing the PCR test knows what clade to exactly look for.

This test can be re-assuring for all the people who have had new exposures but it is not full proof. The only gold dtandard is an antibody test.

mitm (he might be going through many symptoms) but both have left logic miles behind as far as HIV is concerned. Nothing other than them seeking care from mental health professionals is going to help them move on.
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can u make it clear for me ,that what u were trying to say about my situation?
if u were in my situation u would nt test in 6 months point?
if u had all symptons and having swelling gland in neck and jolting muscles ,weakness,shortness of breath and chest pain?
if u had a gf that lost 6 kg in 1 months and had white coated tounge during past 2 months ago....
tomorrow i will test (24 weeks) ,hope u are right about me .
i am totally disappointed and desperatlly want that god give me another chance . . .
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Hey, I am at week 27. (Last test at 23 week). I Can get a test tomorrow if I want, Result Within Week BUT......... I'm resisting!!!!!!!!!!
I still Have mild gland in neck and spots in mouth, but I finally feel 80% normal!! You Have to Believe you are Negative, Whatever Symptom after Tomorrows result. It's Hard, I Feel your Pain!!!!!

Post your Result, IT WILL BE NEGATIVE!!!!! I KNOW IT!!!!!!!

Good luck.
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btw, Sorry
I Had Pharyngitis/Ulcers/Generalised Lymphadenopathy for 3 Months/Bedridden Fatigue for 2 months. I NEVER thought the Result would be Negative. I was Suicidal. If It wasnt for Luck. I'd Be Dead, I was THAT Convinced. I was Exposed to BLOOD/ direct contact.

MOST of Your Symptoms are Due to Stress, Glands, if you have them, By Some Virus, the Stress is PROLONGING it. Vicous Cycle!!  I Had Generalized Progressive Swelling. The Anxiety Causes Fatigue. All Viral illness cause Fatigue too, sometimes for Months. Anxiety causes Muscle Jolting!!
I Had All the Same, Tongue Went White due to Dehydration and then Black Because I used Mouthwash!!!

Goodluck, Sorry for Going on
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today i did my 24 weeks test like (5 months and 19 days)
i ll get the result by the day after tomorrow, wish we get neg result...if i get neg result i will stop testing ...
good luck for u too
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i hope you are paying for every single test you are taking. if not stop testing because you are wasting both tax money and donated funds on needless testing. 3 months is conclusive.
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