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8 weeks is 98%?

I read plenty of times that most people serocovert by 8 weeks.  Like 98%.  This percentage is an estimate?  Does everybody typically agree with that?  Can we compare those 98% statitistics with something other than HIV as the item for comparison idea.  Also what does that 98% reflect - 1000's of people diagnosed with hiv, 100s of people diagnosed with hiv?  

I read six weeks negative is a very good sign but some people have a lot of faith and trust in the government and cdc and a lot of professionals are scared of the gov. and cdc. I know theyre not the most reliable doctors as history has shown the cdc's mistakes and lies so I will test every other week now beyond my 6 week mark.  Also being that theyre in GA, says a lot about them.  Maybe if they were in DC, NY, CA, or MA I would feel more confident in them.

I just really dont know these answers as much as I try to make sense of it or think I understand it.
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what does the fact that they are in GA have to do with anything?  geeeeeeeeeez!!!!!

what is it that you want to know?  

fact:  most ppl will test positive by 4 weeks
fact:  a negative test at 6-8 weeks is a good indicator and highly unlikely to change
fact:  the cdc, fda, and the manufacturers of the tests, set the 3 month guideline.
fact:  until these agencies change those guidelines...NO ONE else can.
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Your answers are appreciated and I dont know why I have to read this again and again to remember or understand it.  Must be stress.  I read this everyday over and over again.  I usually dont post much but read the forums.

6-8 weeks is highly unlikely to change.  Like how unlikely aside from a 98% chance - being spontaneously diagnosed with cancer at 24, winning lottery,  it raining on a day the weather didnt forecast it?

  Im not joking despite my dumb examples.  PErhaps another would be better suited.
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Winning the lottery of the world
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Meaning, winning the lottery, the rain falling, whatever. The rule on this site is 12 weeks for a conclusive negative (re: 99%+ conclusive) result. Your 6-8 week test is mainly to put your mind at ease as it hardly ever goes from negative to positve after a 6-8 week negative. 98%, 97% 96%, all those are really good odds, so take it easy
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8 week test is 99% accurate. most likely to change. I'm going to test tomorrow again after 14 week. Pray for me it should not change
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I am praying for you!  Please update this form on the good news you will be receiving shortly!!
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I had a test at 8 weeks and came back negative. I asked my doctor if I needed to test again at 12 weeks and he said no. He seemed like a competent doctor but I'll get tested again at 12 weeks just in case. Sounds like 8 weeks is fairly definitive.
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