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85 days conclusive?

Hi guys
I had a 85 (12 weeks and 1 day)day negative hiv test which I don't know what kind of test was used

Now I want to know, assuming that the test was antibody only aka 3rd gen, is it conclusive according to guidlines? Since it is 12 weeks not 3 months and every where I read that 3 months is conclusive only

My doctor told me i need to move on but i am still nervous
If there is any official guidline that says 12 weeks is conclusive can you provide me a link or another source?
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Yes, 85 days test is conclusive even if it was test from older generation
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Thank you so much, can you provide me a source?
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But doesn't cdc. Say 3 months?
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4 weeks = 1 month.
12 weeks = 3 months

An overwhelming majority test positive at 6 weeks
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Then why doesn't cdc say 12 weeks? I mean there is 5 days difference between 12 weeks and 3 months
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If you're concerned, take the test again at whatever your definition of 3 months is.
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The 12 wks is 3 months as already stated.
The cdc and the world health organization calculate the time slightly different causing your concern.
The cdc is more conservative.
The cdc says 90 days, 12 wks 3 months. All the same.
The WHO says 84 days, 12 wks 3 months. All the same.
Don't get bogged down with that.
What time period here gives you the best peace of mind?

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I will have peace of mind if I just get the link to 12 weeks guidline from WHO,
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I will have peace of mind if I just get the link to 12 weeks guidline from WHO,
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You can look it up.

Like I said, take a test at whatever you define 3 months as
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