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90 Day Anti-Hiv Negative But...

Hello my friends,
I have questions.

I'm from Turkey. Sorry for my bad language.
I'm male and I have been in contact with the male. We are kissing and he rubbing his penis on my anus. And he try to enter but i stopped him. Because i feel pain on my anus. He has a prostatic fluid. I thought it may have been small cracks and I began to worry.

My 6 week Anti Hiv Test: Negative
My 3 Month Anti Hiv Test: Negative

In Turkey doctor's say: You must come 6 month and maybe 1 year. I am very worried.
Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day!
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Your test is conclusive, you do not have HIV, move on with your life and ignore such symptoms, certainly not due to HIV.
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*1,5 month I have been coughing.
*Post Nasal Drip
*Morning Sputum

I goto 4 different ear, nose and throat doctor. And they say it's sinusitis and pharyngitis. I thought maybe the problem in my lungs.And i go to chest diseases doctor. She say my lung is very healty also pulmonary function test results is good.

Then what is the problem?
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Thank you very much! Take care ^^
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I'm sorry to bother you again.
You can be sure this will be the last question. Thank you in advance.

İ touch the right of my neck i feel little meringue. I think lymph nodes.

My 6 week and 3 month test also Hepatit B-C-VDRL Test and they negative.
6 months have passed through risky relationships.

Could i have picked another disease? (chlamidya, gonorrea or hepatitis B-C)

Thanks for your answer and Now this last question.
You can be sure.
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