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A Question For Any of the Doctors about HIV

Hello Doctors and forums readers.

First off, I'd like to mention that I have read many of the posts on here, and would like to thank all of the individuals, and especially doctors who take the time to contribute to this board.

Now, I'd like to ask a question that needs clearing up to me.

I've read everywhere, including this board, the HIV passes easier from male to female during heterosexual vaginal intercourse than it does from female to male.

Now I'm located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and wanted to find out the total reported cases for my region broken by sex and sexual orientation. (More specifically heterosexual males and females)

The BC Center for Disease Control notes that in 2008, there were 82 newly diagnosed HIV infections detected in the heterosexual group. Out of these 82 newly diagnosed patients, 28 were female, and 54 were male.

This information seems to contradict what I have read absolutely everywhere, and leaves me a little puzzled.

If HIV passes more readily from male to female during heterosexual vaginal intercourse, then why, or how, are there more reported cases of males being infected who are indeed heterosexual?

Here's a link to the page on the BC Center for Disease Control where I got my information from. Scroll down to STI/HIV and click on the most recent report (2008) and download the .PDF if you would like to have a read.. (the information I am referring to is on page 42) : http://www.bccdc.ca/util/about/annreport/default.htm

Any clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated, and thank you very much for your time.

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HA ! ! !

there are ALOT of "heterosexual" men out there having sex with other men.
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Well then that wouldn't be "Heterosexual" sex then, now would it.. The data that was collected specifically refers to heterosexual activity as to break it down for statistics Canada.

Seems like an anomaly to me!

I really wish one of the doctors would take a look for me and answer this question
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Then you must pay to post in the Expert forum.

Also you have to remember people lie about what they do and who they do it with. If you are a married man and got HIV from unprotected sex would you tell someone you got HIV from sex with a woman or a man? Even if sex was with a man the majority or men would say women.
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That's very true, but there is a huge discrepancy, you can't assume everyone is lying.
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I would think men are more likely to be IV drug users.
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The report in the original document separates everything... i.e. MSM, IDU, Hetero, etc. that's why I asked the question
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even men who classify themselves as heterosexual, have sex with men.

been on this forum for 3 1/2 years...cant even begin to count the posts that start with:

"i am a married heterosexual man, with a child, who had sex with another man"
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I can definitely see that. So in your opinion, what is the infection rate of a one time condom break with a SP of unknown status?
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