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A bit worried/ hiv

Dear doctors Hello,
I returned from Cuba 3 weeks ago. In Cuba I had a sexual intercourse with a 20 year old black Cuban girl. I dont know if to call her a sex worker or not, because in Cuba 90% of the local girls would go with foreigners for some benefits, but I assume she had plenty of partners.
She insisted on condom which gives me a little relief and also carefully went through my penis (probably to see that there are no rush or something) we started a protected sex, and I was protected during the hall period (i have noticed). During doggy style at the end I felt that she was too dry so I pulled out and saw that the condom was broken. I assume it was for a period of 30 seconds aprox. We Didnt continue further because I just couldn't mentally.
A few questions:
1. I am 22 white circumcised male, also Crhons   patient on Humira (at that point was 1 month of Humira) Does that  increas my chances of hiv?
2. If she was totally dry, does that mean that there were less potential infected fluids?
3. What keeps me a litle better is that many people insist that cuba has one of the smallest percentages of aids in the world, and the majority of the hiv + are males. Could you confirm?
4. My freind made me feel a little better by telling me: think of the worst case ever, lets say you have it even though the chances are small, today hiv is no longer fatal and you could live a good with it. What is your opinion Doctor?

Thank you for everything you do and for your time,

Best regards
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1. No
2. No
3. Can not, try google
4. Dr's don't post here. And people with HIV live long productive lives.
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Hi there
Sorry about your condom incident. The risk to you if at all she was HIV+ is 1 in 2000, or else zero risk of HIV. For peace of mind, get tested at 6 weeks post exposure. When using condoms, make sure you use them properly. Use a water based lubricant and never use oil to avoid breakage.Good luck
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Again the OP must test out to 3 months for a conclusive result not 6 weeks.
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I never said it was conclusive. By 6 weeks however, 95% of people who have had significant exposure will test positive. Unless the patient here is seriously immunocompromised, I don't see why a 6 week test would just be as reassuring as a 3 month test
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*would NOT be as reassuring as 3month test..
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Hi do you know about the risk with humira based on previous knowledge?
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3 month test, simple as that.
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thanls alot man
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