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A bit worried after partner cheated. Feel fatigued, pain in neck, bumps in mouth

Hello I recently got out of a relationship close to two months ago. I know my partner cheated. I will be getting tested this upcoming Wednesday and have made sure not to have any sexual contact with anyone until I know my status. I usually try to think rationally but this Time I can’t seem to relax. So far I’ve experienced fatigue, pain in my neck almost like my nodes are swollen but when I feel on my neck I can’t feel anything so I’m not sure if they are actually swollen. I’ve had little bumps appear in my mouth they hurt a little but not super painful and this morning the roof of my mouth has peeled like white skin was hanging and I’m not sure what’s causing it. I’ve had oral thrush several times due to vitamin deficiencies but I don’t think that’s what this is.  I also have iron deficiency anemia. My whole body was itching terribly and I figured that’s what caused it. From my understanding hiv rash doesn’t itch usually. I’ve had other symptoms but no sore throat, fever, night sweats etc I know those are usually symptoms of ars. Based off what I listed do you think the itchy rash and bumps and everything is indicative of hiv?
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Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV, they are seldom helpful in any conclusion because these symptoms are such generic in nature that it can occur due to several other ailments. Also, your symptoms don't seem to be specific to HIV ARS.

If you feel you have somehow exposed your self to the virus, you can get tested at 28 days with a IV Generation HIV test. I personally feel your risk is somehow low if not lowest because you seem to be from a lesser HIV prevalent demography and unless you shared needles with people who inject drugs I wouldn't see a reason for you fret about it.
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Most likely your ex didn't give you HIV.  Because he'd have had to had HIV himself.  That's pretty unlikely.  HIV is actually  hard to transmit as it is a fragile  virus.  Air and saliva inactivate it.  There is less than 2% transmission risk from an episode of unprotected sex.  However, since you suspect he cheated, you are now out of the relationship, I'd go ahead and do exactly as Mike_no says and get tested at 28 days past the last time you had sex with him.  Then you can move on.  

Symptoms are not reliable and not used to determine if someone has HIV.  Only tests. So, get your clean HIV test and then see a doctor for why you aren't feeling well.
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