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Hey guys I was looking at symptoms of ars I mean it's been 4-5 months post encounter but I just noticed I had like most of the symptoms not all at once but too close for comfort at first I randomly got dermatitis on the head of my penis and it hasn't gone away next I kept getting these random scabs on my Elbows and most recently I shaved my chest and I admit I get pimples and razor bumps on there but today I had a flat bump with two small raised heads on em I squeezed em and puss came out. I'm really tryna get over my hypochondriac state of mind and any answers would help I just need reassurance.
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symptoms of hiv don't come after 4 months.also hiv symptoms are non specific
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HIV is not something to be diagnosed by symptoms alone. That being said, ARS symptoms typically develop 2-4 weeks post exposure.
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