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AIDS test / HIV test

lets say if a person involves himself into a sexuall activity with a "AIDS" pateint (not HIV). what test's should be performed?

i am not sure about the status of person,  HIV/AIDS/not infected.

I've done a regular blood test and a HIV test after 6 months which was negative.

or there is something else to do for AIDS test?

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The test is the same for HIV or AIDS, AIDS can be called as the last stage of HIV, Hiv is the virus that causes AIDS, so the test is the same for both, a person is diagnosed with AIDS, after having and hiv positive test, and when their body has a CD4 count lower than 350.
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thank you sir.
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when did that number change?  i thought it was a CD4 less than 200.
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The last time I read about it hey said 350 let me check.
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Sorry Lizzie is right an AIDS diagnosed is when the cd4 count goes down to 200, the 300 is when hiv positive people is advised to start meds.
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Less than 200 is an AIDS diagnoses or having a low CD4 and an OI.
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