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I have great respect for Dr. HHH Here is a post of his.

I never go to the support forum, because I don't have the time or energy to get involved in (or even read) what I expect are mostly emotionally driven discussions. But you can tell them I said that with respect to HIV (and for most STDs), oral sex is basically safe sex. Are there exceptions? Of course, but rare enough to be ignored. People also get hit by lightning. If all vaginal and anal intercourse disappeared and were replaced by oral sex as the only sexual practice, HIV/AIDS would disappear from the world as infected persons aged (and as some died). Almost no new HIV infections would occur, except by injection drug use and similar risks.

This is my only comment on it. I'm not going to get into any further discussion of it, directly on the support forum or any follow-up comments here.

My question is this:
What do alot [teak etc.] base your claim about almost NO risk giving oral. Just curious because this site is very firm that oral is just about no risk including DR.HHH
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i also have great respect for DR.HHH but have no comment on this topic.
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What would you like for me to say? Repeat what I always say? No risk, for receptive and very rare, which can never be conclusively documented, for those that give hummers. What's your point?
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My point is this. I also believe oral is very low risk however by just pronoucing it, its just hot air. You on the other hand seem to be sure of your many statements concerning oral even to the point of recommending testing for it is unwarrented. You also appear to have a trove of sites and references for many subjects. I was simply asking if you or others have sites,studies etc that back your statements. If not, then its just an opinion and we all have those with no facts to back them.  It a discussion that needs some data.

have a good one
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You have never seen me mention to test for oral sex. Get your facts straight.
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What's your point? Please read the disclamer. The site says that the posts here reflect the personal opinions of the posters. And teak, of course, is one of the most highly respected people here in the forums. He is of course basing his ideas on his extensive knowledge and experience on the matter. And his opinions are highly regarded and respected by many, myself included. If you seem to have problems because you need proof, then you have a problem. Not an HIV problem, but another kind of a problem.
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"You on the other hand seem to be sure of your many statements concerning oral even to the point of recommending testing for it is unwarrented"

You need to slow down and read. I said as I wrote about you say one needs NOT test, is that correct?  I just thought you might share you resourses on oral with us for the educational value; I guess I was wrong.

As far as the other persons comment  HUH?

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Oral sex is a documented risk, and it says so on the CDC website as well as on all other reputable websites.
However, the risk is considered extremely low, estimated at 1 per 10 000 exposures.  That's MUCH lower than any other form of penetrative sex, including vaginal intercourse.
For example there were a few small studies involving serodiscordant couples practicing unprotected oral sex and no new infections were registered.  
If you are looking for hard data on this, you will not find it anywhere, so don't bother.  It is pretty much impossible to conduct studies involving people having sex.
I hope this clears it up.
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There are hard studies of serodiscordant couples. That have been done for years. So don't say that there hasn't been any hard data on it. Your comments are false.
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I'm aware of only one published study (the "Spanish" study) and it's a very small study with very little data.
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And even that study - I wouldn't call it "hard data"
Asking people questions on the questionnaire (i.e."how many times have you received head in the past month?") is not exactly hard data!
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I agree Reg. With my sex habits I hope it is really small. I have called some of the hotlines and wonder at some of their responses. They really minimize oral as Teak does. I'm not criticizing him or others I simply wanted a few studies. I know about the much touted Spanish study.

Seems to me though, if one is going to expouse a view, one should have something besides an opinion to back it up.

Dr. HHH believes it is almost a no risk and he has years of in the field experience. I guess it's a question that will never be solved although I can't understand why they don't have more recent studies on the subject.
Have a good one
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Then you haven't looked for the studies. Hard data is obtained by people would continue to test negative when their partner is positive. That data is obtained by there test results. Not having someone say that oral sex is the only thing that they have done.
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