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AM i HIV+?? Please HELP!!!

HI, i live in Jakarta, Indonesia and about 2 months ago i received unprotected fellatio which lasted for a long period of time, about 30min-1hour, was not sure as i was terribly drunk during this incident. About 2 weeks after this i started getting cold chills which was very mild. Then at about 3-4 weeks i started to get more severe cold chills with a weird fever that gave tingling sensations on face, red face and very severe hot flashes and dizziness. Then more symptoms started to come such as nausea and rashes on my skin. Though i think i never loss my appetite as i actually gained 2 kilos after this incident. Now, two months after my hot flashes have dissapeared though i am getting more severe chills and have a sore throat and flu-like symptoms. I am wondering if these symptoms are related to ars or not or just anxiety????

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You were never at risk from receiving oral sex.
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Thanks a lot for answering my question really quickly and taking your time off to answer my personal questions. Does this mean i do not need to get a test then??
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The best thing to do is to go for a blood test to get a whole life peace of mind.Otherwise you will be like me never sleep in peace.I have unprotected sex and show no symptoms at all but what worried me is my wife who developed all the flu-like symptoms exactly the same with HIV early symptoms.I am so frightened but forced myself to go for a blood test and I feel that I have struck the megamillion prize knowing it is negative.I hope you will go for testing before it's too late!Best of luck!
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The OP does NOT need to test; he was never at risk from oral sex.
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Thanks so much guys for answering my previous question.

But do any of you know why my symptoms are still going on??

Again to clarify, might this sickness be syphillis because i heard that syphillis also causes flu-like symptoms and similar symptoms to those of HIV??
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You'll need to take your questions to the STD forum.
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