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ARS/HIV symptoms??

I am worried about a possible HIV infection... I seemed to have symptoms of ARS.  Basically I will try to sum this up quickly.  Towards the end of July I had unprotected sex several times with one man (he had only had three partners before me). During this same week I got all four of my wisdom teeth out and was put on antibiotics.  Two weeks after this I got extremely ill.  Extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, mild fever, diarrhea, and at the same time I developed an oral yeast infection.  This extreme illness lasted for about two days, but I continued to feel a little bit off.  I developed a slight tremor of my hands, and I have random muscle pains and joint pain.  I developed a rash under one armpit.  Also, I have tingling in my lower legs/feet and occasionally in my hands.  The rash is gone, but the tremor, muscle/joint pains and tingle is still persistent... It has now been over a month and a half since the possible infection.

I have gotten tested for HIV, and I have not gotten results back yet.  I am very concerned at this point and would like any input, please.  I am concerned about the tingling in the feet and lower legs, as this seems to be related to HIV.  Also, the skin on my fingers is peeling more so then usually.  

Once again, I would greatly appreciate any input.  I am very anxious.
Thank you.
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Sounds like anxiety...calm down... The odds are extremely well in your favor.  Not that this means much, but I'd bet everything I own you don't have HIV if the situation is as you describe.  
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Symptoms or the lack of symptoms or the lack of symptoms is not a good indication of one being infected or not. You did put yourself at risk and you will need to test at 3 months post exposure to obtain your conclusive test result. Next time, use a condom correctly and consistently and you won't put yourself at risk for contracting HIV.
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I know symptoms/lack of symptoms are not a good way to judge an infection, that is why I have gotten tested.  

The alarming part of this to me was the tingling in the legs, as I read that can be related to HIV.  I was wondering if anyone knew how it is related to HIV.  When in the disease does that show up?? If i was infected this summer, would that be common??
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PN can happen to anyone it is not HIV specific. You don't have to have HIV or AIDS to get PN.
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Teak.. reading my situation, can you evaluate how large you think my risk was?? Do you have any links to statistics that i could read?
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