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I've read that it looks like measles. Flesh colored bumps that appear on the torso. Are there different ypes of ARS rashes or is it just that one kind. I've developed lil pinpoint blood dots under my skin. I've always had a few but now i think i see more. and it seems like i have more brown moles scattered around my body then i did before. It could be all in my head but im just curious about the rash. Also My armpits seem irritated kimd of a light burn under them is that a sign of ARS? and if one has a fever does it last a few days or can it just be for one night?
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Also do you know if they use the same testing world wide? I live in costa rica but im thinking i would rather take the test back in the states.
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and when a rash occurs is it widespread would you definately notice it. it wouldnt be a bump here and a bump there would it?
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so chris its pretty widespread then?
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burning under the arms is not a symptom of HIV. The fever usually lasts a while and is upwards of 101+
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but it wouldnt just be like 3-6 dark moles spread around it would be more concentrated and a quite a few of them?
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1. ARS rash would almost always be accompanied with a high fever and night sweats
2. ARS rash are macopapular rash which would have macules and papules at the same time. Hence it would be a little raised and spread over the affected area of your body (usually the torso)
3. What you've mentioned is too unspecific to be an ARS rash.

What was your exposure ?
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For ARS rash - is it painful or itchy?
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No ARS rash is not painful nor does it itch.
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