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ARS Rash, specifically.

Hey Forum

I posted in June regarding possible exposure by performing cunnilingus on an Amsterdam Windows girl. I had sore/dry lips and was concerned that the virus may have gotten entry via a superficial cut (through picking at the dead skin). I noticed a nick in my top lip a few days after in the mirror but at the time didn't notice any bleeding (and most probably was not during the act).

I took comfort in reading NurseGirl's great article that, "HIV cannot get through intact skin, or even superficial cuts.  WHY?  Because it doesn't allow for access to the bloodstream, which HAS to happen for infection to occur."

10 days after the event I got a rash on my right forearm, slightly towards the outer side, underneath the hair. This rash lasted for a good 6 weeks (and finally now seems to be vanishing). It was red, did not itch and seemed to react to heat or my physical activity. I have posted two pictures of the rash at around 6 weeks into my user profile.

I have read that if the ARS rash occurs it would usually be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever and severe sore throat:

"When people get the acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) they do not have an isolated rash. Rather the symptoms include fever, muscle aches, sore throat and diarrhea.  People feel quite sick." - Dr. Hook, Acute HIV Rash?! Apr 2011

I did not suffer any further symptoms other than the rash apart from a mild cold/hayfever after 4 weeks (and so not alongside the start of my rash after 10 days). I have also read that the rash associated with ARS is widespread, affecting multiple areas such as the face, collar, chest and trunk, and would not be isolated in my case to just my right arm.

"The ARS rash can occur anywhere on the body, but usually is widespread" - Dr Handsfield, HIV Primary Rash / ARS Rash, 2008.

Teak responded to my original post that I 'had no exposure', which gave me comfort.

I would like the forum to help me nail down the coffin on this and give me an opinion on the rash. Although I'm almost convinced I wouldn't have contracted the disease from what I did, the rash has become a bit of a hang-up, though I have come some way through it by reading the great posts on your forum.

Thank you in advance for your kind help. Yours faithfully,

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Hi Teak/Forum

I probably shouldn't have posted again - Teak's original verdict of No Exposure was solid enough not to merit further questioning. If the virus isn't transmitted orally then my rash is something else and I need to move on.

If it's possible to remove my post, please go ahead. I can't seem to find how to do it myself.

best regards,
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Yes you need to move on.
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