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. So i had sex with a sex worker. She wasn't the best looking . She maybe does injection drugs. I was drunk and the condom broke and i came inside her. I was real scared and washed off went home and showered. Took a test 5 days after and all came back negative. The same day i took gonorrhea pills that i asked for even if they didn't see gonorrhea in me. I had diarrhea ever since. Its been 20days since possible exposure. And still have dark green diarrhea.  I took a test yesterday and hopefully that one is more accurate.l since its at 19days. Ab/gb combo. I took the 4th gen test. I asked for RNA DNA . They said the lab does that on all test. I hope. My symptoms are. Fatigue. I feel sleepy during the day in the Past 3 days. Im having stomach cramps on lower and upper part. My shoulder blade and back hurts and neck alot.  I woke up with a mild sore throat. I havnt had any fever.  Or lymph nodes. I noticed a small sore inside my lip that could be bc i bit my lip due to my anxiety disorder. Ive looked for similar cases on here but couldn't find any . The next day the sore wasn't as red anymore. Looks like its going away.   But my soar throat worries me . Im right at 3-4 weeks and im possibly developing ARS symptoms. Im starting to think its bc i cry alot when i pray . Maybe the mucus that went down my throat caused it to get sore. Its not really "painful"soar . When i swallow i cant feel it soar.  but i notice its not normal anymore. I spit out green mucus from inside my throat. The mild soar throat happened yesterday afternoon after i brushed my teeth.  Ever since it hasn't got better.  I just don't feel 100% healthy . I have anxiety disorder. Im really scared. I can donate before you answer my question if you'd like. I really need someone's response. I have a little baby and a very good wife whom i could possiblybreak her heart for ever. Please help me doc.  
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Doctors are unable to diagnose HIV from symptoms due to multiple other disease possibilities, so neither you nor I will be able to either. It is best to stop examining your body and quit Googling ArS symptoms cold turkey since there is no useful info there and it will only make you more anxious. Only a test can diagnose HIV.

Her looks aren't useful in diagnosing HIV. Nothing is pointing toward you having HIV.
If she always uses a condom, it is to protect herself from her clients, which works in your favor since she is likely negative.

A duo test is conclusive at 28 days, so your earlier tests will prove nothing. Try to relax until 28.
HIV is instantly inactivated in air so washing off is not necessary for HIV prevention. The doctors left here long ago, so there is no donation needed as far as I know.

You interact with others who carelessly cough their germs on your lips, food and door knobs so sore throats are to be expected at any time.
Thanks for responding im a young guy not even 21 years old yet. I have new pains everyday. I have a new pain in my inner thigh. I hope its just my anxiety atacks and my brain . Its been 20days after possible exposure. I hope my ab/gb combo test comes in soon. They said it can detect 17days plus. Yes you maybe right. It could be just the common flu . I went to duke hospital today and they checked me out they said i dont have a sore throat and maybe the flu wants to kick in. I feel much better after your response. My nurse said woman to man transmission is 0%   meaning its less then that. Im a catholic . The way things went down are scary. Let me just tell you . I had sex with her. She rolled her eyes back and for a second in my head i thought she was a demon. I turned her aeound and finsished doggy style only to find out the condom broke. I guess the sin is following me. I will never have sex with a random girl. I keep having diarrhea for 15days now. Ima just calm down and wait for test results. Im scared to DEATH. . but thanks man and god bless you
Even if negative now, that doesn't prove the result on 28. Focus on things that relax you until 28, like the 0%.
Thanks man. I hope im ok. I know you told me to stop examining my body but i cant help it. I noticed today i have a white toung. Is that acute hiv? Im scared man. I know you prob know more facts then i do. Its 21 days after possible exposure. I have no one els to talk to so decided to comment back and see if you may know anything about that.
Symptoms do not mean much, they are often confusing and misleading. We have seen individuals experienced almost each and every symptom but found cleared in the conclusive test. On the other hand, we have also seen people remained totally asymptomatic but were actually infected.

So bottom line is, do not focus at symptoms, as you have already been advised. Relax and wait for your next test which will be conclusive.

Your 19 days test is highly reassuring if it was a 4th generation one.
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