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ARS Symptoms or Something Else?

Two weeks ago, I had an encounter with another man and performed oral sex on him, and he ejaculated inside of my mouth/at the back of my throat. Afterwards I noticed that my tonsils may have been a little irritated and might have bled a tiny bit due to the roughness of the encounter. Around 3-4 days ago (10-11 days after the encounter) I noticed I had a dull headache that would get worse if I were to suddenly move my head. In addition to this, I noticed that my lymph nodes in my neck were swollen (one side was more swollen). After 3-4 days of these symptoms, I started to feel like I had a fever, but when I took my temp, I didn't have one. The next day when I got up I took my temperature again and it was ~99-99.5 f. In addition to the fever, I still had a headache (that would get better with Tylenol) and swollen lymph nodes. That night my temp got up to around 100-101.5 and I was chilled. I decided to go to emergency to see if there was anything serious going on but after a bunch of tests, they ruled out anything serious (they didn't test for STD's and I didn't mention my encounter to them) and found out I didn't have the flu. It is now the following day since I was at the hospital and my temperature during the day was around 99 but after I took Tylenol it varied from 98-99f. What worries me is the fact that my headache, fever, and swollen lymph nodes are not accompanied by any other symptoms such as a stuffed up nose or cough. Last week I was around a decent amount of people who were sick but I didn't start feeling bad until I got on vacation (i'm on vacation now, my symptoms started the first day of it). So i've been super stressed out about the fact if these are ARS symptoms or if it is just something else. I can't get tested at the moment (due to a variety of reasons I can't go into on here) so this just further adds to my stress and worry. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence that these symptoms appeared 2 weeks after the encounter or if I just happened to pick a viral infection up from someone.
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