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ARS after 10 days of exposure

I Had an encounter with a pre-op transexual. Who denies having HIV, though there is a possibiity could be lying.

i performed anal sex on her 3 times wearing condoms. No rips that I know of, though at some point my penis did get softer and then i pulled it out (condom still on it). We also had mutual oral sex for a while. Before and after the sexual intercourse.

Exactly ten days later, after a long haul flight, I was not able to sleep well on the flight and arrive home feeling not so well, with intense throat pain and feverish sensation. When I take ibuprofen, for the first moment i start sweating a lot and have fever gets worse. But then I go to sleep and fever had passed, though still feeling a bit queasy and throat pain persists. Went out for lunch feeling fine but fever came back when i got home this time much stronger, especially after i had to go out on the street to buy meds (was still taking ibrupofen every 6 hours). First measurmeant wass 38.1 and reached 38.9 an hour later, possibly because i was walking around the street for awhile to get a taxi on my way to get examined by a doctor friend. She said my throat was red, maintained my ibuprofen and also gave me azitromicin, which i took before sleeping. With the combination, next day i woke up with no fever already, but still with hurting throat and left lymphnode starting to swell. only one more brief moment of fever later that day 37.7, but went down again 3 hours later, also after taking ibuprofen and never came back up. Rest of the day and all others between 36-37. Spent all day resting. Still feeling like doing nothing. Day 3 i wake up with no fever or throat pain, just tha swollen left lymphnode. Went to the otorhin and he changed my antibiotic to amoxylin. He said my left tonsyls were really red butnot much else, and tha i would be good in three days. Went out for dinner that night feeling well most of the time except towards the end, when i really felt like going home. Despite no more fever, i still had a bit of night sweats (might have been last or second last day for this). Day 4 I was already sleeping very little, maybe freaking out about ARS and all. Went to 2 doctors, performed a quick test and an ELISA, both negative, though i guess too soon (only 14 days after exposure?) and went out to a bar at night. FIrst bar I go in my throat locks due to the werid air they have, go to another bar but not feeling so well anymore. At this moment i start feeling something similar to a persistant mild sunburn, more like flushing, not really a rash. decide to leave after half an hour because i was feeling queasy. Woke up on day 5 feeling much better, no more swollen lymphnode and was even able to drive for 5 hours.  Flushing sensation still persists on whole body. If there is anything similar to rash, it would be some small spots on my back and under my arms. Though, really hard to notice. Even though i started feeling hungry later these last days, i wouldnt really eat much (i usually eat quite well). Went out for dinner with friends at night, but once again desiring to go home towards the second half of dinner. Weird thing about this day is that i kind of start to feel my blood moving back and forth around the body some times. This feeling has been persisting still today. Lymphnode swelling back for a short period on day 6 but that was it, maybe because i was playing bowling.
Just woke up on day 7. Feeling pretty good in general. First time i got a longer sleep since I took some sleeping meds. my flushing sensation is all gone, though i still feel some sort if itching on my back only. Also the blood moving feeling persists and some times i feel a little pain on my lympnod but more like something that comes and goes.

I didn not have any diarhea or vomit. Even when I ate a lot.

1) Anyone ever had these symptoms? Could they be ARS?

2) From all I have read it seems to me that ars comes all together. Is it possible that it would come in a sequential pattern like mine?

3) Can Ibuprofen treat ARS fever? After i changed antibiotics i also started taking tylenol instead of ibuprofen, mainly because of migrains. Stopped on second day to see if fever could come back but it never did.

4) Is normal for the ARS fever to last for only 2 days?

5) Everytwhere I read says ARS starts at least after 2 weeks and lasts for another 2 weeks. Is it possible that I had an extremely easly case of ARS the would already end 16/17 days after exposure? Could this "Express ARS" mean something more?

6) Im infected with mouth herpes but did have any kind of breakout. Only maybe a drier lip which could be related to the city im at.

Sorry for the long text and loads of questions but im really scared here and already been to two doctors who say i have nothing, though the symptoms seem quite consistent. I am freaking out here and cant wait for two more weeks like this. Even broke up with my girlfriends since i was afraid to pass anything along to her. I really hope this is nothing related to my sex exposure. But if the symptoms are consistent i would want to look for more specialized help ASAP, even before I am able to get my final exam in order to get prepared for early treatment.

Can someone please help me?

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BTW- oral sex did not have any noticeable ejaculation. Not sure how precum works for transgender though, with all the hormones.
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As I mentioned before you didn't have any risk of contracting HIV for the incidents you describe.

The only way for someone who had a risky encounter to know his HIV status is by testing and not by estimating his symptoms.

Now about your symptoms, we can not estimate them via internet. Maybe you should consult a doctor vis a vis in order to review your health issues.

Take care
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Symptoms are not an indicator of transmission.
You didn't have any risk of contracting HIV.

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I do understand that i cant be diagnosed 100% by the symptoms. But I wanted to understand if these symptomes could be in line with a possible case of ars. I will still get all my tests as I have been doing. But I really need some peace of mind for these next two weeks, since the previous one has been horrible. Even if there is a chance I got it, I would really like to start treating it ASAP.
after all, despite oral sex being low risk, it is not exactly 100%, right?
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Protected sex is SAFE sex.
Oral sex is not considered as a risk of HIV transmission.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
No need to worry.
Take care.
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Thank you be strong. What about the symptoms im feeling? In a worse case scenario where something could go wrong on the "safe sex", would these symptoms seem like an ARS?
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