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ARS after three months?

Are ARS symptoms three months after exposure possible?  Just curious, b/c it has been over three months since my last exposure and I have a sore throat, mouth sores, and sore glands all over my body. Thanks!
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Why do I have to read this question  a million times everywhere on this forum?!!!!!!

Dude, these symptoms could be for any other illness. Get them diagnosed by a doctor.

If you are worried about HIV. Get a rapid test or whatever. When you get the negative result, and see a doctor for your problems, come back here and write something like "anxiety caused my symptoms". And  "my negative 3 month test is conclusive, I wanna move on with my life".


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I have the same thing, but I believe I had ARS symptoms 2wks after protected sex. Now 3 months later I have a fever blister on the corner of my mouth and a couple of mouth sores and bums inside of my mouth.
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Yes, but is it even possible to get ARS symptoms after 3 months?  That's what I'm wondering.
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No, you do not get ARS symptoms after three months.
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Just tell me what you think of the 2 lines(sores) on each side of the inside of my mouth, my fever blister, and it feels like there are more bumps inside of my mouth than usual. I also have a white hairy like tongue. What does this sound like to you? I trust your judgement.
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The bumps are like on the inside of my top and bottom lips. I've always had them, but they seem different now.
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You cannot be diagnosed over the internet. If you have a concern see your doctor.
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