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ARS and Fever question

I'm trying to find some clarification about ARS and the fever that sometimes goes with it. My story is this: I'm a male and in 12/06 I performed oral sex on another male (NOT to completion) for about 2 minutes. He had told me he had no diseases, but who knows, right? Anyway, basically a month later I had something like the flu, and it lasted a week. It was weird: The main symptom, I think, was a low grade fever. I took my temp obsessively, fearing ARS, and it varied during the day....generally it was about 1 to 2.5 degrees above normal. The highest it ever got was 100.2 (for whatever reason, my body temp seems to run lower than most by a degree or so). I didn't have a rash, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat or any of that. I just fel real lousy all week...and my temp would seem to shoot up at different times of the day. Tought to describe. It was suring flu season (winter) but it wasn;'t like flus I'd had before.

Anyway, I was able to dismiss it at the time because the fever seemed low-grade and their weren't other symptoms. Plus it was during flu season.

But this week I got worried again, because I just found a swollen lymph nodeat the top of my jaw, just under my ear. Now I'm thinking I have HIV and the flu-thing a year and a half ago was ARS after all.

Just wondering what anyone knows about the fever stuff: Does ARS fever have to be high -- and oes it have to stay high for days? Would appreciate any insight...
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You were never at risk of contracting HIV. A fever if one does have symptoms is above 101F and lasts from 1 to 2 weeks.
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