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ARS fever

Two weeks ago, I had a one-time activity, and I'm not sure if I entered in. I had a high fever yesterday, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor gave me antibiotics and antipyretic medicine. It's much better today and do not have fever. Is this ars? Can antibiotics treat ars fever ?
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Now, my temperature is normal after antibiotics and antipyretic medicine. The fever lasted less than one day. Is it ars fever? How long  the ars fever last?
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"That is to say, the fever has nothing to do with ars?" Instead of asking new questions answer the one you were asked. Namely, "Please be specific about your risk." Oral anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
Unsure anal sex, he sit on my penis,I don’t know whether my penis entered him. I know that ars do not have  specific symptoms, but I still want to know what ars fever is. My blood routine examination doctor thinks  it's a bacterial infection, so it is treated with antibiotics and antipyretics. Do my symptoms look like ars?
They don't look like ARS if you didn't penetrate. If you penetrated you and he would know it.
You can take a 4th gen test after 4 weeks if you are uncertain if you penetrated. You are wasting your time guessing about ars because hiv can only be diagnosed with a test and you have 2 weeks to go for that - if you think you penetrated that is. Rubbing is not an hiv risk - only penetrating unprotected anal or vaginal is a risk.
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No, antibiotics cannot treat ARS fever.  If you had ARS, you would not *just* have a fever - you would have many other symptoms.

Please be more specific about your risk.
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That is to say, the fever has nothing to do with ars?
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