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ARS rash.. is it a viral rash?

I had a possible hiv exposure on the 1st of the month.
on the 10th i got a rash in one armpit. On the 14th it had spread to the other armpit.
50 red bumps, some w heads. Dr said it is a staph infection, antibiotics are working.
No fever or other symptoms.. yet.
Is an ARS rash a viral rash,.. or can it be any type of rash including staph?
Thank you.
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What was the exposure and was it protected? Oral. anal or vaginal?
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Male on Female pen of V with "protection" and breast sucking, possible lactation from a csw.
I think I know what you are getting at.. protected is safe, unprotected is not. I know this is right the vast majority of the time, but CDC says "condom use cannot provide absolute protection against any STD". That is why the timing of the staph rash has me concerned.. maybe im the "lucky" guy who forced the CDC to use qualified language?
So I will be anxious until I get a test.. So for my full understanding of my situation,. Im still wondering if ARS rash is a semi direct reaction to the hiv, or if the rash is the first attack by opportunists?
Thank you
No one "forced" the CDC to use qualifying language - and risk for HIV has nothing to do with luck.  Condoms don't protect against certain STDs.  A condom that remains VISIBLY intact during intercourse protects you completely from HIV.   The CDC is notoriously conservative and they never speak in absolutes.  The fact is that people don't get HIV from having intercourse involving an intact condom.

Regardless, a rash caused by staph has nothing to do with HIV.
What is "pen of V"? hiv virus is too big to pass through the microscopic netlike structure of a condom unlike some other viruses.
Im sorry,. "Penetration of vagina.."
Thank you for your insight. It is encouraging. So much room to worry when you go down the google hole. Im half expecting my worry to add symptoms any day now.
I will get tested this week and will post results:
Well, here's a tip. hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to what posters think they have -( other than as Curfew stated to point out that you already have a non-hiv diagnosis for your skin problem so you need to give it up  )and you shouldn't be wasting your time studying your body either.

Googling for death is a waste of time and can only make you anxious - because there is absolutely no diagnostic other than a test - so only people who don't understand hiv waste their time googling about symptoms.
Don't worry about posting results - since your risk is 100% non-existent, you are the only one who thinks the placebo test will prove something - you might as well test to see if she made you pregnant.
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What was the exposure and was it protected?
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Yes, but you know.. nothing is 100%.. so low risk, not no risk.
So really wondering about the ARS rashes, are they strictly viral rashes? Or are they opportunistic rashes that could be,. staph. On day 10 post possible exposure,. w no additional symptoms noticed, at least to day 25.
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