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"ARS" rash on legs

I always practice safe sex so I have never been tested for Hiv.  But I felt sick and got a rash clusters of red bumps all over my legs and nowhere else after having a protected one night stand.  I have been reading and i read about ars that is a rash and I have no idea if this is it.  I know you can't see it but they are tiny (like pimple size and smaller) flat red bumps that don't really itch except for a tiny bit in some spots.  I would not even gpo to the doctor as they seem tpo be hoing away after about 98 days but I may just so he can tell me not to worry. Also, I should note that I rarely tan and I went to a tanning bed twice in 3 days and right after is when they appered.  I wonder (wish) it is sun poision. Could it be? What would anybody reading this do? The bumps are on both thighs and lower legs but mostly thighs.
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What do you mean by "felt sick"?
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Stomach hurt just a little and had a headache
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PROTECTED sex = NO risk.

not hiv related.
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