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ARS symptoms 2 days after

Dear Dr.

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As you recall, I took a 5 week antibody+antigen test. This came out negative. How accurate would you consider it to be? Is it true that an antigen test is only good in the first 3 weeks? As I was really stressed out I had another test this time a simple antibody test at 7 weeks which also came out negative. How accurate is this test?

However, it has now been 3 months and in the last 2 weeks once again I came down with something which appears like a cold. I had a runny nose last week, and this week the runny nose has stopped. The entire 2nd week I have been having a constant cough: I feel my lungs filled with fluid and I keep coughing up and swallowing down. It doesn't seem to go away. What is more, I noticed that my urine smells like amnonia and I have a decreased apetite: each time I have something to eat my stomach feels irritated and full of gases. Would you consider these symptoms to be consistent with a weakened immune system?

All of these symptoms have led me to doubt the degree of reliability of the tests I had. I really fill that something is wrong and although I am really afraid I feel must have another test.

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the doc said that hiv is unline other viruses that showes after 2 days
it shows after 2-4 weeks and last a week that what he meant
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You never had an exposure.
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