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ARS symptoms and Oraquick Antibody test

Hi. I have been having some strange issues since I visited a "nail salon" and ended up receiving bj that came with the massage. About 2 days after I developed a hive like rash on the head of the penis only. It comes and goes throughout the day. So obviously I went to the dr (5 dayslater)to get it checked out. Dr gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. 20 days after still have the rash on penis tip that is starting to get bumps and come down with ingenual intertrigo. Day 21 throat starts to get scratchy(tonsils removed) and feeling extremely fatigued around lunchtime every day with no true fever. The symptoms have continued with my temp reaching 99.7 but no higher. I took an Oraquick antibody test at 25 days and it was negative,. Groin lymph nodes and Armpit nodes have swollen and subsided the past 2 days.  The feeling of fatigue and increase in temp generally happen around lunch and in the evening and occur together.
#1 Does this sound consistent with ARS symptoms coming and going? Or do they pretty much come all in rapid succession, if they do at all.
#2 Will the Negative Oraquick antibody test at 25 days give me a good idea of which way the results would be at 6 weeks and 12 weeks?
I know people will say I had no chance of transmission due to it being insertive, but I feel like Shite for over a week.
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What was your exposure?
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Insertive fellatio. Thanks for your reply .
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You were right. Oral sex is not an HIV risk. You don't need testing. ARS symptoms may be present IF you were experiencing an acute HIV infection. However, oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV, therefore, the "symptoms" you are experiencing are not related to HIV.
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You can't get HIV from oral.  

You can get other STDs: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea,  Syphilis, Herpes.   But if you've seen a doctor, I'm trusting he discussed this with you.

For future reference the ORAQUICK requires at least 30 days to have any testing value. (But you didn't need to do it for this incidence).
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