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ARS symptoms at 3 weeks?

Hi, I posted before and they told me there was not a risk from my exposure.
but now I'm pretty much convinced I caught something if, probably, there was a whole on the condom, however tiny.
The reason is since yesterday I got a mild fever, it's back now as I'm typing this. I also have a feeling of being bloated.
Can this indicate that I probably caught HIV?
How dangerous can a tiny whole on the condom be in this case???
How likely is it for a person to get infected thi way????
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You will know if the condom broke. They break wide open thus any holes if there are any will be seen. It is likely that your anxiety is letting you think that there was a hole. However your symptoms are very generic and HIV is very rarely the cause.
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Pk. You say HIV is -rarely- the cause. But possible. Are you saying there might be a possibility in my case?
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Please, help me. I'm starting to sweat at night and have been experiencing mild headaches throughout the day that come and go. The more life goes on the more Im convinced I caught it. I even feel nauseus right now.  Please, just  give me your honest opinion. I saw the condom at the end and it seemed ok, but somehow I can't believe it protected me. Ive read online condoms are roughly 80-90% effective if used correctly.
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The answer given is not going to change, you had no risk.
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