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ARS symptoms or just the common cold?

I had an incident back in may, i had unprotected sex with a guy (im female) he did not ejaculate inside of me, but a couple of weeks later i had a sudden sore throat, and eventually lost my voice, along with stuffy nose and coughing.i didnt really have a fever or anything but now i look back and im afraid it was ARS. What are the chances of getting hiv from pre ***? i know that the only way to find out is through getting tested, but unitl i can make it to see a doctor i wanted to put some of this anxiety at ease. Im terrified, please help!
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Symptoms dont mean anything only testing does
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i know but the ARS thing is freakin me out and i dont know if it was just a coincidence that i got a cold a few weeks later or what, but im scared...just wanted some advice...
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Thats what happens when you research HIV you get all the classic symptoms.
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more than likely coincidence.  only about 1% of the population is actually infected, so chances are this guy does not have hiv.  even though preinseminal fluid is also infectious, the amount of fluid does not begin to compare to ejaculation...so that lessens your chances even more.  even if this man was infected...it is NOT an automatic transmission of hiv.

now...with that being said...you still put yourself at risk by having unprotected sex.  test at 6-8 weeks after the incident to get a gooooooooooood indication of your status...but follow that up with a 3 month test for a conclusive result.
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Also how do you know your partner has hiv maybe you should call him.That will help
good luck
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i know, everyone always says, stay away from the internet, just go to the doctor. im just scared i guess. How great are the chances of contracting from precum?
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Slim to none
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thank you everyone for your advice. i appreciate it so much, im so terrified. This guy is also in a band, so i know that he gets around a bit...it takes two so its my fault for being an idiot...i just want it to be ok...
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I tested negative after 2 weeks pertaining to hiv. with s prostitute that was bleeding she was a non introvenious user but a crackhead. The clamidia gonn and all the rest were negative but 3weeks in I gotta common cold no fever or flu I checked that lasted two days. Buy my anxiety is through the roof what are my chances somone help me know
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Ars is a combination of fever, severe sore throat, and body rash...and even then symptoms mean nothing as most people have none.
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