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ARS symptoms usually start within 2 weeks

I have search the forum and have quoted the statements below:
Does this still holds true? Your response please for a worried guy like me.

From H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D

"ARS symptoms usually start within 2 weeks"
"Further, symptoms of ARS usually start 10-20 days after exposures"
"ARS symptoms always start within 2 weeks of infection; 30 days is definitely too long."

From Dr. Hook
" The time scale of onset is far too early, 10-14 days is more in line?
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Hi! again Howard when they say ARS occurs from 2-4 weeks does that mean that it include the onset of symptoms and the resolution of the ARS.

Thanks once again
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Hi! It seems that you have read my posts, what can you recommend do i need testing? Moving on is easier said than done :(
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Nobody on this forum is likely to disagree with Drs. Hook and Hansfield. And you're not going to get any different answers by adding a second, third, fourth, or fifth thread with the same questions. Seems time for you to move on!
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