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ARS symptoms?

I have recently had some risky encounters in the past 2 months: i) with a girl of unknown status (unprotected vaginal), ii) protected sex with female csw in SE Asia, iii) unprotected oral with transsexual csw with ejaculation into mouth in SE Asia, iv) unprotected vaginal with female.

Approximately 1 week after last sexual encounter I got a pain in my urethra and immediately went to GUM clinic to get checked out. I've never had any STDs before and knew something was definitely out of the ordinary. I was given full STD screen for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and HIV of which all returned negative (although I understand that it was too early to test for both Syphilis, and HIV) was told to continue on my course of Doxycycline which I had been on for the previous 4 weeks as Malaria prophylactic.

6 days later I got severe pain in lower abdomen and testes and left groin lymph node and also pain in the urethra.
Next day or day after I got a rash on my lower torso. A macular, flat, red rash that is not itchy or flaky, with weird circular patterns that went up to just below my left breast, on the right less pronounced patterns, more of a red dotted rash. I never get rashes and this freaked me out a lot.

4 days later I visited my GP who did not know what the rash was but took a swab of my urethra and a urine sample as this was still bothering me. Over this weekend the pain in my testes, groin, abdomen, and body myalgia increased, with loss of appetite.

Got another appointment at GP who took blood samples to check for infection after presenting with increased symptoms of enlarged groin lymph nodes, rash, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, myalgia but NO fever or sore throat and my appetite has returned. I have another appointment Monday to hopefully receive these blood results.

Today got result of urine/swab back from GP and told I have a urinary infection (non sexually-transmitted) and thrush and will send me a course of medicine to take. Now I have been taking antibiotics for a month, just finished them this week, and thrush, I am told, is often a result of prolonged antibiotic use. But what with all of my other symptoms they are all sounding like ARS. I have now had the rash for 12 days of which it faded quite a bit in the past couple of days, the muscles in my arms and legs still ache, as does my left groin, I still have peripheral neuropathy in my arms, legs, hands and feet, and I'm still getting headaches on and off but I haven't had any fever.

I have convinced myself that I am going through sero-conversion as all of my symptoms add up. I've never experienced anything like this before and I am really terrified of the outcome. My blood results will be 29 days after last possible exposure and 14 days after the appearance of my rash and subsequent later flu-like symptoms.

Needless to say I am bricking it.

I know I need to get the confirmatory HIV test at 3 months but that's so long away and I can't concentrate on anything but this and the anxiety is taking over.

Does this sound like sero-conversion to anyone?
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you had risk, unprotected vaginal sex is risky situation
symptoms are not going to tell you anything about HV

you need simple antibody test 3 months post exposure

best wishes
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ars symtoms comes all at once , and many does not have symtoms better not to try to diagnose hiv by symtoms , test at 3 months 4 a conclusive negative report
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